Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The last day shells and a family affair...

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

We are home, and life is 'back to normal' very quickly! We got back on Friday and quickly unpacked and got up early on Saturday morning to head down to NC to a family reunion! I enjoyed so much visiting with my Uncles and cousins! We had a wonderful time...but had to leave fairly early because it was a 3 hour drive back home!  So we didn't get to camp out and enjoy the Bonfire....maybe next time! We got to see people we hadn't seen in years, that we stayed connected with through facebook.
These are my Dad's 3 brothers and all their families! He also has 3 sisters.
The first cousins, children of the 4 brothers...
Our last day shelling at Sanibel we started out at the causeway beach and once again found some unusual finds, though it was an incoming tide and not as much  beach as accesible. 

These are my finds!
These are Jess' finds!
Look at the size of this mussel shell!!
Sunray venus pair, King's crown and a really spikey jewelbox

Once again, a mysterious shell...seems like it's all there, but can't find it in any of my books!!
Jess found a channeled whelk and an awesome oyster (I think)
Here is another shell that I don't know! Need to get Pam Rambo on this...or Murex Ken...will let you know!

Jess and Brad headed back to their home in Christiansburg VA early Sunday morning, and life was back to normal for her yesterday (Monday) at her new job as a Veterinarian :) .  She called last night on her way home, and she is thoroughly enjoying it! Brad is playing house husband and preparing his daily classroom plans for the new school year, in a new school that will be completed this month. I plan a trip to help him setup his classroom...(and of course to do some tubin' on the new river and berry picking late this month or early next month!)  

Of course another trip to Ft. Myers may also happen in the next few weeks, after all we have a new house we have to decorate....and many more shells to find! 

Until the next post!




  1. It sounds like a wonderful end to your whirlwind vacation. Did you notice how the shells from the causeway seem to be more bleached? Why do you think that is?

    1. Yes Kim I did notice that and meant to mention that they looked fossilized....I don't know why!! There were a few pear whelks, rose tellins etc the first time we went, but a lot of these types of shells too! I need to send an email to our resident expert Pam and see if she knows!! :)