Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Exploring the neighborhood.

" I would like to explore some side roads in life while I am still in good health and good spirits." ~Charles Kuralt

We worked during the day at the house and shopping for necessities to supply our new house.  We had an early dinner at home and then headed out on a new adventure to Bunche Beach it is only a few minutes from home and I had seen posts by Pam at iloveshelling finding angel wings and kings crowns here, so we decided to give it a try!

Its located pretty close to the Aqua bridge we went over on Saturday that leads to Ft. Myers Beach!
You can see the Sanibel Causeway Bridge in the distance
...and if you look closely you can see the Sanibel Lighthouse
These little fiddlers were greeting us at the entrance!

There were LOTS of king's crowns, alive.
This baby stingray was playing hide and seek, he is very small, as you can see compared to my hand!

A King's Crown convention! 
Check out the spines on this live king's crown that Hubby found

King's Crown eggs fastened to a Large conch shell 
Oyster shells attached to some huge rocks 

A horseshoe crab teenager, unfortunately he was dead.
I found this tiny, long razor clam shell, I don't think it will last long, it's so fragile!
I need to find out what this is, it is very strange, it is brittle and looks like a jingle rolled up, I am currently trying to find out what it is, and have emailed Pam to see if she knows!!

I found a few king's crowns with nobody home and some rose tellins
Sunray venus 
A huge fossilized kings crown and an angel wing
These minis are from the trip to Sanibel yesterday 
And lots of mini augers, margenella and a cone from Bunche
I found a few dead Sand dollars from Sanibel yesterday.
Hubby found several angel wings at Bunche Beach!

I found this weird little creature in a tidal pool, sorry didn't find the macro button on the new camera until it was too late!

This guy was plowing along in a tidal pool!

I hope you enjoyed our adventure!! We'll have to see where tomorrow leads us! :)




  1. Loving it!! So glad you're posting so we can follow along.

  2. you find such fun things at the beach. we vacation in the panhandle, in seaside florida, and the beaches there rarely house such great {or alive} finds.....

  3. Good finds! I never find kings' crowns -- not sure what I'm doing wrong. Did you find out what the mystery shell was?

  4. Kings crowns seem to be specific to mud flats, even then finding them empty is tough!! No, Pam responded and didn't know either...I'm not absolutely positive it is a shell, it seems now since it dried good like something plastic....oh well, just another mystery!! :)