Thursday, July 25, 2013

Homebodies Part II

Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms.  ~William J. Bennett

Hubby and I stayed around the house for the most part today, I did a little bit of shopping early this morning, you know important stuff, toothbrush holders, hot mists and towels, trays, placemats etc. Fun stuff in the correct colors to go with the decor I'm trying to go with!  I'm trying to change all of the reds to neutrals with teal blue or Aqua.  This is really a lot of fun!

Now all I need are chairs!! :)  That is the next project when I get home! I'm in no hurry though, we love it here, at this home!!

My Mom gave us a table as a housewarming gift...I have ALWAYS wanted a shadowbox table!! Hubby and I put it together today. I painted it because it only came in white, and I didn't think it would work with everything so I painted it espresso brown! That was a lot of trouble as I messed it up and had to redo parts of it!! But it turned out great!! We decided to put it in our lanai off of our bedroom. 

I brought some of our special shells from home to put in it, the pictures didn't turn out so well because of the glass top, but I think you can make it out!

I also put on our new bedspread on our bed....slowly but surely it's all coming together!

 While I was shopping today, I found a painting that I fell in love with, it is hard to tell, but it has a deep aqua background, and ties it and all the neutral colors together in the living room! I had to go back and get it because I couldn't stop thinking about it!! I will have to rearrange the pics I showed you yesterday, but that's okay!! I absolutely love it!!
....and of course I bought a couple of pillows to match too!! I forgot to take a pic of that, it will have to be in the next post!!

We enjoyed more time on the 'deck' today, this ibis was as interested in us as we were him, I think he was looking for some food!
We will probably go to the beach tomorrow, not sure where, Sanibel or Bunche, but hopefully I will have more adventures to share with you on our last day in paradise found!




  1. LOVE the table - it is stunning! I'm so happy you're having such a great time making this your new home.

  2. Also, has it been unbearably hot there? We were on Captiva in June a few years ago, and it was positively steamy even after the sun went down. On the beach it wasn't so bad, but as soon as you started walking up Laika Lane it got a bit oppressive...and if that wasn't bad enough, the noseeums were terrible! I can easily put up with hot and humid weather, but the noseeums almost did me in until I discovered Skin So Soft. :)