Monday, July 22, 2013

Surges of Sand Dollars!

Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. ~Epicurus

The beginning of the day today was homework, fun homework!  Hubby fixed a few things around the house and got them in tip top shape while I worked at some decorating, and making our new home our own.

Since today was the full moon, we decided to go to the REAL Sanibel Fish house for an early dinner and spend the evening on the beach in order to catch the -.3 low tide on Sanibel at Gulfside City Park.

We immediately noticed an abundance of dime to quarter size sand dollars, as we continued to walk toward the lighthouse, the number of Sand dollars multiplied! It was amazing!! These pictures just don’t do it justice!! I found a few that weren’t alive any more, but I’m afraid there will be millions before it is all over. I have never seen anything like it… everyone was talking about it.  Unfortunately those sand dollars chased away the shells too! J  I got an apple murex and a few scallops, but nothing else, and Hubby did not find one shell!! It was amazing, you couldn’t walk without  stepping on them, the live olives were out by the groups also… must be this full moon or something, it was quite an adventure!!

Sand dollars washing in and out with the waves 
Sand Dollars and live Olives

It's difficult to capture it all, but every spot you see is actually a live sand dollar, from dime to quarter size!

Sand Dollars 'hiding' in the sand
More sand dollar trails
This one is going around in circles

 I kept trying to capture this is pictures, but it doesn't do it justice, here is a video that will help!
I know we all feel like we are frequently swimming up stream...this guy shows that it can be done, and very quickly!! :)
It was a great time even if we didn't get any shells! As usual, Sanibel is a beautiful place!!

I managed to get some things done at the house to make it feel like home!
This is a picture through the mirror of one of the bathrooms to show more...I love the shower curtain in here and of course, there are my shadowboxes!!

Our Sanibel Chart and my parent's table that I refinished and in our Florida Room, the chairs will be on the next trip, after I recover the seats!!
The front porch, small and difficult to take a picture of

We have new bedspread ensembles also, pictures of that later!!

Tomorrow (today) the cable guy comes and will hook up the TV (although neither of us have missed it!) and our internet, so I will be back on schedule with my daily updates after that!! (I hope) I have a couple of videos from today that I can post then too!!



Update: We have internet!! Woohoo!!

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  1. Oh!!!! Thank you for sharing pictures of your new home. So exciting and its fun for me to get to see what you're all doing to it.

    Amazing sand dollars. I hope you snapped up a bunch of the dead ones - my mind reels with the crafting possibilities.