Friday, June 17, 2011

Shelling Pics and a field trip!!

"Sharks are as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent!" ~ Dave Barry

The shelling hasn't improved much around here, I tried walking all the way down to Sundial and had little to no luck even in the small tidal pools that were there.  Jess, Jimmy and I slowly walked back and Jess and I found a small area of shells under the sand, that produced a few small treasures, but after that, nothing else.  As we got to Gulfside park we saw a tidal pool forming that had some beautiful live lightning whelks, Kings crowns, and Jess even found a live Shark's eye...I had only seen one live at Kim's I Love Shelling blog. (click link to go to that post!).  Jess had him on her arm and it was about the size of your fist, very cool!  Of course we put them all safely back into the Gulf so they will grow up and have babies!! :)

We walked on down to the crab pots where Daddy and Brad continued to dig and did pretty well, though it was beginning to slow down a bit! The gloves we got have made a big difference! Though we look kind of like EXTREME shellers with them on...well I guess we really are!!

EXTREME sheller gloves!

Brad and Jess' bounty for the day

Brad's humongo shark's it's not the live one we found...I PROMISE!

Brad's Alphabet Cones
Daddy's Dig

Jimmy and My finds
  Yesterday Brad, Jess and myself decided we wanted to go check out Manasota Key to see if we could find some shark's teeth on the beach.  I had heard about it many times and read about it on two of my favorite blogs Kaybe at The Essential Beachcomber and Busybee2 at Snug Harbor Bay!  I emailed both of the ladies and they both gave me excellent tips and directions, we drove there just like we knew where we were going!! Kaybe actually lives there and Busybee2 just went there a few weeks ago while down on her trip to Sanibel!!  What a lot of fun it was!! I really didn't know what to expect, and we had planned on only spending a short time, about an hour, there....2 and a half hours later we left!! We had no idea it had been so long, but what fun it was! We followed their directions which led us through the town of Englewood that had this beautiful statue of a tulip shell on a roundabout right on the beach, then onto a thin strip of land (called a key in FL) to a public beach!  It was quite the adventure for us city folk!!  Thank you both so much for all the info...I wish we would of had time to visit with you Kaybe while we were there!!  

How cool is this...looks like my kind of place!

Brad's shark's teeth

Jess' finds!

My Finds
 While we were there, I wanted to cool off a bit, and it makes one I really want to get into the water right next to the beach, where you find things like this on the shore??  Well I did, but only for a second!  I understand that if you want to get bigger teeth, you can get a charter and go on a dive to get them....Hmmmm....need to think about that one for a while!! :)

We came back and went out shelling back at Sanibel and didn't do well at all, we walked back down to Sundial because the crab pots were still underwater too deep, when they did finally come out, we found nearly nothing!  We need to choose another plan now, Daddy loves to dig so tonight we need to find the next 'Sweet Spot'!  Wish us luck!!



  1. I cannot look at your pictures anymore - I am DROOLING over your finds! I have never seen a sharks eye shell that big. You guys did great with the sharks teeth too. Wasn't that a fun trip? Definately on my list of things to do again next year.

  2. Wow! You all are cleaning out what is left at Sanibel, aren't you?! What some awesome treasures you have to take back home with you!