Friday, June 24, 2011

The party is winding down!!

We took Jess and Brad to the airport yesterday in Ft. Myers for a noon take-off. It's always so sad to see them go, but they are always headed off to new adventures and another chapter of their life! I have the advantage of being in close contact with her and receive frequent text messages and phone calls so I can enjoy the adventures as they come!! Everyone here misses them like crazy, and it just isn't the same... even in paradise!! One of the family 'traditions' we have while here is to purchase a Florida themed puzzle and we spread it out on the coffee table in the condo and work on it all week....this time, because we stayed 2 weeks, we did 2 puzzles! Jimmy helped her start it out but Jess did the second one mostly herself, we tried to help her, but our old eyes couldn't see the tiny writing as well as she could! :\  I helped her finish it up when it got easier!

After we got back from the airport, my Dad and I went down to a large shell pile we had seen a couple of days ago and decided to dig through it since things were so slow out in the water! This is our combined 2 day finds...very slow for us!

Jess and Brad's finds their last day here!

 I stocked up on the cross-barred venus, because I use them for the ears on my mouse!

Jess found a spiny jewel box with the spine still attached!

I found another piece of Junonia....maybe I will glue them all together to make a whole one!!

I accidentally stepped on this Lace Murex! :)

 Check this out! My Dad found a baby lion's paw!! It is the rarest of all the shells here...even more so than a junonia!! I think we will have to take him down to get his picture in the paper!! He just thought it was a kitten's paw!

One last day of shelling!! Then back home tomorrow :[



Update!! It's confirmed by the shelling museum here on Sanibel....It's a baby lions paw!  There will be pictures in the paper of Daddy with the lions paw and a huge alphabet cone!!  YAY!! 


  1. WOW on that baby Lion's Paw! It is sooo cute and I LOVE the tiny shells. :) That little mouse is really cute and those two puzzles are awesome!

    As for your comment on my blog: Yes, that probably was me you saw by the turtle crawl. You should have come on out. LOL pjs and all.We wouldn't have cared.

    I enjoyed this post!

  2. Oh! your little mouse is so cute! Nice crafting!!!

    My dad and I did puzzles all the time. We really enjoyed them! I'll have to look for some Florida puzzles!

    Oh, and sweet little lions paw!

  3. Poor Tootie - she had to meet me 5 minutes after I rolled out of bed! She was a good sport about it tho.

    Congrats to your dad! Great find! I live in Ft.Myers, btw.