Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Day in paradise!!

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.  ~Robert Orben

I spent a little time going around the pond near the tennis courts to see what kind of wildlife I would run into, and was not disappointed! 

This guy was on the edge of the pond and was as surprised to see me as I was to see him, he had a small fish in his mouth, swallowed it all at once when I startled him and jumped in the pond.  He swam over to the same logs with the turtles and began to 'show off'!


There is also a poinciana tree that is beautiful and provides a lot of shade...complete with benches under it!!  It has large seed pods that look a lot like lima beans and beautiful orange flowers on the top! Very tropical looking, they look like they may be in the formosa family.

There are also several seagrape trees! Jelly made from these is really good!!

The shelling has been very slow the last couple of days, this is our finds for the last 2!  Of course Jess got another Alphabet cone, and Jimmy also got a beautiful one yesterday!!

Jimmy's alphabet cone!

 My mom is not able to go with us beachcombing because of asthma issues and cannot do without the oxygen, so we each brought her scoops of shells so she could 'join in'! These are leftover from our crab pot digging and we must have given her some good scoops...She had one board just covered with tiny beauties!! She is amazing at finding all the small shells, and her favorite is the wentletrap! Luckily there were several of those in her shells....along with a pear whelk and a baby's ear!! She said it was a lot of fun, though I know she misses going out with us!

My Mom's pear whelk!

I wanted to share some more of the beach with you, I will probably come back to these pics and movies often after I am back home and at work! We will be driving back home beginning Saturday!

I hope you enjoy!

Jess and Brad fly back home tomorrow, then they are off to PA for a family wedding and Jess then takes off to India a week from today for 7 weeks of surgery and veterinarian stuff! She has started a blog to keep us all posted about what she does here ...I guess we have become a blogging family!  I know I have enjoyed it, people I've 'met' who have similar interests! That's how I found out about geocaching, and Capt. Brian!  In fact, check out his blog (Capt. Brians observations on the water)...we're on it...we feel famous!! :)




  1. It's fun to see people I know being "famous" on Brian's blog! It's like being Queen for a day! I am SO jealous of all your alphabet cones. I am taking notes like crazy for next year!!

  2. I love trees from the formosa family. Sea grapes are another fave!

    Nice shells! Tell your mom I like the wentletraps, too ;)

  3. I love the idea of taking your Mom scoups of shells. :) I can imagine the fun she had searching through them and finding treasures.