Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More from Paradise!

"Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts"~Author unknown

I know you won't believe this after seeing the pictures, but the shelling here has not been very good, even though we are here during the full moon! Hubby and I normally walk along the shoreline, or in about knee deep, and do very well! This time it is not the case, the water is so crystal clear, but we are getting the shells this time only because we are digging around buried crab pots.  We have done it so much, we all have sores on the ends of our fingers, and all of our fingernails are gone so we resorted to buying gloves!! Tell me we aren't dedicated!! A true sheller will find a way to get the job done! :)  The gloves were definitely the way to go, they are thin rubberized garden gloves, and do an excellent job of saving the tender skin on the end of our fingers, while allowing us to 'feel' the shells!

True Tulip

Daddy definitely cleaned-up....he wins all the prizes this time...biggest, most Alphabet Cones, most shells!!
Daddy found this Horse is my favorite! Any size but this one is great!!
He also got THREE Alphabet Cones!

Two HUGE Lightning whelks!!
Brad decided he would join the competition and found this beautiful Alphabet himself!!

Jess won the prize for this beautiful King's Crown!
I got these double jewel boxes in one net at the same time!!

I also wanted to share some pictures of paradise for those of you stuck in your cubicles at work! I know how much I enjoy reading about Florida and seeing the beautiful pictures while I am there, so I wanted to extend the opportunity!!  I guess I have sort of turned into a birdwatcher, I love to see them, here and at home!!

Snowy Egret posing

Beautiful Pelican

A pelican watching...and one fishing!

Laughing Gull
  Have you ever heard of a pelican tree? They have them next to Sundial resort, and now Casa Ybel has them!! It's the funniest thing to see!

Look Close!!

 They are actually Australian Pine trees, but for some reason the pelicans just love to stand on the skinny little branches and look over everyone! I guess they need a break from work too sometimes!! :)

More later!!



  1. Wow! Have you been out in front of the Sundial? I keep my toes pedicured but I gave up on my fingernails quite a few shell piles ago. So glad you are having great time.

  2. Kaybe,

    No, haven't made the trek to Sundial yet, staying at the crab pots with my dad. Hubby has been going down there, says lots of live stuff, not much else!

  3. Wow! You guys found some wonderful shells! What a nice collection to take home! Good luck, and I hope you find many more shells :D

  4. You have found some GORGEOUS shells so far. Way better than anything I've ever done. I need lessons from you!