Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She did it again!!

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.  ~Doug Larson

My Dad and I went fishing again during the long weekend on Sunday. Jess was down with her Hubby to visit with his parents, and was able to sneak away for a short little fishing trip!!  My hubby (Junonia Jim) hadn't been fishing in years, and had to telecommute in the morning and really didn't want to stay for the whole day, so he and Jess decided to drive down late morning and fish part of the day with us!  It was a lot of fun, and it was very hot and humid.  Before long, Jess decided to stick her head in the creek to cool off, then went on with fishing....and SHE DID IT AGAIN!! She caught another 3-1/2 pound Bass!!  He looked larger to us, but that's all the scales would go to!!  She and Junonia Jim had decided they would catch a 5 pounder this trip, and we thought she had done it when we first saw him after she set the hook!! After we had him safely in the boat she commented "I think I've got this worm fishing thing down now!!" ...I think she does! She won the prize again for the biggest in the boat for the day!! We were so happy for her!!

She sure is proud!!

Hubby(Junonia Jim) and Jess!

Osprey Nest


The geese and ducks continue to grow around the neighborhood, the geese however are much larger, and have had better survival rates as they grow.  We have only lost one gosling that I know of, but they start out much larger and grow more quickly.  
The Goose Six Pack!
 These ducks, started out with 8, and I think they are down to 3 now, look how cute they are....they are still small enough to run to me through the chain link fence!! Look how sweet they are!!

Then there were 3

Baby Ducks
 One of the Mother's Day plants that Hubby gave me is about to be truly named! A nuthatch has built a nest in it, hopefully we will have eggs soon!  I'll keep you posted!!
See the nest in there?

Close up of the nest



  1. I have baby ducks in my neighborhood that I keep an eye on.I found out if they swim in a deep pond before they get too big the bigger catfish get them. My pond was the perfect depth for ducklings but it has dried up so momma duck laid her eggs in the next pond over. She started out with 9 and is down to 6 which is pretty normal.

  2. Those baby ducks are adorable! And that Jess is quite the fisherwoman! She should give lessons!

  3. Now what time did you say the fish fry is gonna start? I'll bring the hush puppies and some tater salad!

    I was just visiting another blogger friend of mine and she posted pics of a nest in one of her little flower planters also. Her's are just about big enough to leave the nest. I just love birds!


  4. Aw, the ducks are so sweet. I hope that little nuthatch lays some eggs so you'll be able to watch them hatch and grow.