Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another field trip!

A large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life, by him who interests his heart in everything. ~Laurence Sterne 

We scheduled a boat trip to Cayo Costa with Capt. Brian for Saturday afternoon from 4:30-8:30. I had been following Capt. Brian on his blog for a long time. A couple of my blogging buddies had gone out with him and highly recommended him so I thought I would too!  My Dad, Jess, Brad and I had a great time, Capt. Brian knew where the shells were and took us to the tip of the island...he even managed to ward off the oncoming thunderstorm so we could take advantage of all the time before the sunset on the island.  Just before the sunset, the waters calmed down and allowed us to do my favorite type of shelling, just like in tidal pools, the water was so clear and calm and you could just slowly walk along in knee deep water and see the bottom and gather your treasures!
Here's a closeup of my shell bag on the trip back in
 Capt. Brian was very easy to talk to and obviously knows his stuff about shells, and shelling, and is very interesting to listen to! He has studied numerous things about Florida and as a result is a very interesting guide!  We had a lot of fun!! I highly recommend him to you all....follow his blog, and the next time you are here, schedule a trip with him!! His contact information is right there!! We had a great time!

Jess finds

Brad's finds

Check out that Lightning Whelk Brad found!

Jess found this tiny perfect Angel Wing

...and 3 babies ears!

....and as usual, just before we left she found this small alphabet cone!  Brad said last night that every time Jess has gone shelling this trip, she has found at least 1 alphabet about that for a record?!!

My finds

I found a tiny false Angel Wing

Daddy's finds

Daddy couldn't believe the size of these Olives...they were huge!
After a nice walk shelling, the sun began to set, so we boarded the boat for the trip back to Captiva, with hopes of seeing a beautiful sunset and maybe some dolphin!

Brian snapped many pictures, and I believe he got a hint of a green flash in his photos!! What a beautiful sunset it was!!

...and we did get to see a mom and baby dolphin...Capt. Brian stopped the boat for some photos, and you could hear the air they took in as they slowly swam away...I managed to get one pretty good pic, though not very close!

 It was a beautiful end to another perfect day in Florida!  Thanks Capt. Brian!




  1. You guys found some beautiful shells! Your sunset pics are wonderful. That cloud formation was really awesome, too! Glad you got to see some dolphins!!!

  2. You keep saying the shelling is so bad, but you are finding some great stuff! Glad you had a good trip with Brian - he's the best!

  3. Thunderstorms are pretty much a given every afternoon in the summertime. That's a great Captain that takes you to the shells & keeps you safe from the stormy weather. One nice advantage to blogging is the "word of mouth" networking. How nice to scope out the vacation activities with folks that have already been. Much better than relying on yellow page ads once you arrive.

    Take good care,


  4. What a good time! I had fun just reading and looking at your shells. :)