Friday, June 24, 2011

The party is over

Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours. ~ Unknown

When we got up this morning we (I)decided to call the Shell Museum to see if someone could identify Daddy's shell.  I don't think he believed me that it was a Lion's Paw, and I knew if would really, really be rare to find one! They said come on down, so we did.  The receptionist thought it might just be a scallop, but sent us to their 'expert' and he verified what I thought!  It was a baby Lion's Paw!!  The receptionist heard him and immediately asked if she could take a picture, in fact, she took two!!  I talked Daddy into agreeing to go on down to the Island Sun to have it put in the paper, though we know it is small and difficult to see!  I added this as an update yesterday....but it bears repeating!! I took this picture as the reporter took one also! We thought adding his huge Alphabet cone was a bonus!! :)

 We left there and came right back to the condo to get the last few hours of shelling at low tide.  It wasn't really low, but we were gonna try it out anyway!  We did fairly well I think! Better than the last couple of days! (sorry for the quality of the pics, it was nearly dark and I had to get them packed up!)
These are Jimmy and my finds!

Isn't that a beautiful True Tulip Jimmy found??

These are my Dad's finds....

...he also got a True Tulip!!

 We stopped shelling this evening in time to go to Sanibel Grill for our last supper.  It was good food as usual!  We spent the rest of the evening packing up in preparation for the 2 day drive home, for the first time ever, I couldn't get all the shells in 'The Shell Bag'! (It was our first time with 6 people for 2 I guess shelling wasn't as bad as I thought!!

I hope you all enjoyed this trip as much as we did.  Hubby (Jimmy) had to work for a big part of this trip....he's ready for a real vacation now!! :0
Looks like we might have to plan another trip before our scheduled November trip back down here!! :]

I will update you all on our bird eggs in the nest at home as soon as we get there...they should be hatching soon!




  1. You guys did great in the shelling dept. I need to take lessons from you. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with your shells once you get back home. Tell your dad nice job on the Lions Paw. Have a safe trip. Don't cry too hard!!

  2. Great last evening finds! It's so hard to leave the beach, but so nice to get back home.

    Have a safe trip Cheri!


  3. I read back on all of your Sanibel posts and boy, did ya'll have a great trip! But then, you were in paradise!

    The shelling may have not been up to what it can be there, but you all found some gorgeous shells and that Lion's Paw is spectacular. That is so cool that your dad's pic is going in the local paper.

    Have a safe trip home and we will all patiently wait for your return. So many of my blogging buddies have made trips to Sanibel in the last few months, I swear, we're going to have to coordinate everyone and have a Blogger's Shelling Extravaganza!