Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Shells are here!

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. ~Carol Sobieski

Today's shelling was so much better....the tides are beginning to get lower and the gulf was crystal clear!! 
I ended up digging in pen shells I found.  
See the shells in and around the pen shells?

In fact, I didn't have to walk very far at all in the 3 hours we were out there! 
There must have been hundreds of Dosinia pairs there, they just help the pen shells trap the other shells. Unfortunately I had my camera with me so couldn't sit down and really dig....until Hubby came to where I was! I gave him my camera to put in his shirt pocket and sat and dug until the last possible minute! We didn't find anything spectacular, but I found lots of shells....I was going through my net while we were walking back to the car, and I'm sure I missed some! We had to get back home and start packing up because we are leaving tomorrow. :(  I realized too, that my major problem this week was that I wasn't wearing my lucky shelling shorts, today I did!! I bet that was it all along!! ;)

The pictures aren't the best because it was getting dark by the time I got them all cleaned.
My finds 
Hubby's finds
Hubby found an Awesome Shark's eye!
I found the smallest olive I've seen! 
This is an average size olive
I found 5 wentletraps, and lost the smallest, only to find it in the dryer, in the pocket of the shell shorts!! :) 
Hubby found him some Florida cones! 
I found my first carrier shells, and found 2 in a row!!
And some beautiful Pear Whelks!
I must say, we had a great time, and felt like we had to hurry up! That's a lot of fun, I wish we could stay a few more days....but there is always next time! I hope you all have enjoyed our trip....Thanks for coming along! We head up north tomorrow bright and early.




  1. Bet you're sick that you had to leave today just when you found the shells. Drive safely. xo

  2. You found so many beautiful shells! I showed the shells I found here on the Atlantic coast on my blog this morning. I hope you have a wonderful trip north! Sweet hugs, Diane

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    2. Thanks Diane! Love the scallops and sea glass you found! I am getting addicted to finding sea glass, almost as much as shells! :D

  3. Cheri
    The wife and I have been sitting here on Memorial Day morning having a cup of coffee and catching up on your blog. We will be heading down to Captiva on June 6 for nine days. Checking out your adventures are just the ticket to get us in the mood for some island relaxing. This year it will be just the two of us. I'm not sure my blog will be as interesting without the Beach angels along because they always give me plenty to write about but I'll give it a try.

    Have you had any issues with BOSC message board lately? I have not been able to get on it now for a few days looks like they are having technical difficulties.

    We are thinking about some off Sanibel exploring this year! Any other beaches in the area you have become fond of?


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks King!! They were coming in as we were leaving!! :( Oh well....always next time!