Sunday, May 18, 2014

Best Laid plans.....

Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless. ~Thomas A. Edison
Hubby and I have been trying to figure out when is the 'right' time to go shelling. The low, low tide is around midnight and the high is at sunrise, so obviously we need to go to 'plan B'.  We usually are pretty good at finding the shells, and I assumed that since I saw fairly low tides last night that going late afternoon was the time to go.  We went out to Sanibel about 5:00 with plans to stay 2-1/2 or 3 hours.  We started out at Gulfside City Park and the wind was really blowing the water toward the shore! 
It was pretty clear, but very rough and windy. I covered the shallows and Hubby walked out a little, we found a couple of sports where things had been buried, but had little to no luck digging, so on to plan C.  

We jumped in the car and headed to the lighthouse thinking it would be much less rough on the sound side. 
No luck there either, windy everywhere and little to no shells to be found. That's okay, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and the temperature was perfect! 

I snapped some more pics of the beautiful lighthouse and we decided to walk back to the parking lot by way of the road, where we found this information board. 

I thought it was interesting because it showed Sanibel & Captiva shells...have you ever seen this?  
As we got back to the parking lot, we found these odd birds on the beach....Have you seen these?? :D 

We worked on our house some more this morning before lunch, I had brought down my shell lamps, and more pics, so I rearranged our pics in the hall until I got a combination I liked....what do you think?

Sorry, very difficult to take pics of the pics in a hallway!! 
The lamps seem to fit right in too, this one is shells from Panama City, when we lived there for only 3 or 4 months....I was in the third grade so there are some oldies in there!! Guess I could have given you a close up to see them, huh?

This lamp is nothing but fighting conchs, one of the first ones I filled, I think it needs to be redone, but we will leave that for a rainy day sometime!

What do you think? It's getting more Homey all the time! Not Martha Stewart but it's all special to us, which is what is important, right?

I have several pics to hang in our guest room that I hope to get to this trip. First priority though is getting our walls painted inside and out around our beautiful new windows! I also have a plan for a 'Family wall' in our bedroom! Stay tuned, hopefully I will have pics of our shell finds to show you this trip.  We are going to try again tomorrow. Ain't this fun??!



  1. Your canvas pictures look wonderful. I always like seeing what you're doing to the house.

  2. I love the canvas pics, too - and your lamps!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Also love your new windows and the new wall!