Monday, May 5, 2014

Beautiful Babies!!

A Baby will make Love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for" ~Unknown

Hubby and I had a great weekend! We FINALLY made it to the Big Apple to see our Grandbabies!! We decided to make it an adventure and jumped on the train and got to see a little bit of the big cities along the way!
The Beginning of our journey, Friday am
Washington DC, the Washington and Jefferson Memorials
Empire State building, NYC

The Freedom Tower!
We got there Friday evening after the trip up the coast on the train, subway and then a short city bus ride and walk!! We were so happy to see them, and I think they were happy to see us, though the little ones, Twins, Ava and Dylan just saw us as strangers at first. It was a lot of fun getting to know them, and letting them get to know us!! I am ashamed to admit that they are nearly a year and a half old and we haven't seen them in person before!! I know, I know we are terrible Grandparents!
Dylan and Ava
We have four Grandbabies, the oldest is Hailey, she is adorable, smart and so helpful to her Mommy taking care of the family! She loves to do crafts, read and already seems like a grown up at the age of 7!
Hailey with brother Dylan and her Dad, Jon! 
Beautiful Hailey
Next is Chloe, she is beautiful and favors her sister Hailey and right now is addicted to all things "Frozen", you know the Disney movie that came out in November?? She will soon be 5 and will be going to school full time with Hailey in the fall! She loves to color!
Beautiful Chloe

We spent the weekend doing family time, going to the park and just visiting and it was wonderful!!

Ava and Gammaw!
Chloe and Hailey playing on the laptop! 
Dylan was fascinated with this jump rope! 

Dylan, Ava, Chloe and Gampaw!!

Ava with her Mommy, April! The hardest working Mommy ever!
Ava finally getting comfortable with a very proud Gampaw, he said this made the whole trip worth it, she stayed in his arms for a long time!!
Chloe and Hailey

Being the 'Shelllady' you know I had to tie shells into this in some way or another! I wanted to make something special for them from my shells so I decided to make them each a necklace letting them know that even though we can't be with them all the time, we are thinking of them always!

Hailey's Horse Conch
Chloe's Lightning Whelk
Ava's Tulip
Dylan's Fighting Conch!
Hailey liked hers so much she wore it the whole day!
Hailey will also be thinking of something she would like me to make with my shells for them, so stay tuned for more shell crafts!!

While we were in the city, waiting for the train to go home, I saw this on the side of a huge building right next to Penn Station!
I looked a little closer, and there were guys up there painting this!! I didn't think anyone did this anymore!! How would you like to have this job??? Not me!!
When we got home, we got to see MORE babies! Two of our local Geese families gave birth to their babies! One has 6, the other 5!

We had a great visit with our family in New York and Hubby (Gampaw) said on the way home that we are going to make sure we get back there much more often, we are going to shoot for at least every 6 months! April works so hard with her family, and they are all so smart as a result! What a pleasure to spend time with them all!! I can't wait to get them down to our place in Florida and get them out there on the beach....can you imagine??



PS...Hailey and Chloe, I am including you in the term Grandbabies, hope you don't mind, I really do know you are not babies anymore!! :)


  1. You have such a beautiful family. How nice to get to visit and yes, a trip to Florida would be wonderful for all!