Thursday, May 22, 2014

I got a Flat!

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye

We are beginning to fit in down here, it's becoming more and more like we belong. We attended the HOA meeting this morning (as Florida!! :) and met several of our neighbors, we came out of the meeting to a warning on our car that we had low air pressure in a tire.  This has been a chronic problem with us lately, the most recent have had to patch a tire with a screw in it in the last month! After a quick chat with a neighbor on local vendors, Hubby went on down to have it looked at and was back in about 30 minutes! This time it was a dremel tool embedded in the tread! 

....I bet by the title you thought I got a FLAT scallop?! Well I did!! :) Only my second ever!

The shelling hasn't been fantastic, but the walks on the beach and weather have been! There were shell piles on the beach in places, though no 'special shells' (other than my flat scallop).

The water was really clear and much calmer than it's been, hubby spent a lot of time in the water, while I walked along the beach.
....still trying for the perfect pelican in flight shot!

Here are our finds, mine is combined with the micro minis I told you about from Bunche Beach the night before...
Hubby's finds...Today was Olive Day for him!
My finds

I can't decide if these are Mitchell Wentletraps or Horn Shells....any ideas?
Marginellas...see how tiny?
It feels good that every day we spend here makes it feel more like Home, it sure is good therapy for us too! We only have a couple more days before we head back to our 'Real Life'...stay tuned!



I almost forgot!! I took this video yesterday evening...I thought it was so something down there? Is Sanibel sinking? What is it?? I saw a couple of these last night!!

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