Friday, May 23, 2014

An Exciting end to the day!

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. ~John Burroughs

We worked around the house again today and then to Sanibel Fish House for an early dinner with plans to head to the beach for the end of the day.  The Fish House did not disappoint, I had the shrimp basket and Hubby had the oysters, of course you have to end the meal with a piece of shared key lime pie!

We headed over to Gulfside City Park and noticed the Gulf was once again very clear with a few small waves....unfortunately the shells once again were pretty scarce.  However the temperature was amazing, and I love to watch the birds along the shore and flying overhead and just take everything in around me! Beach therapy is the best therapy I know of!

Someone had gotten very creative down towards Casa Ybel...
A place to sit and watch TV!
A dinosaur! (I think)
As the sun began to set, Hubby and I noticed some small shells rolling along in the surf and we managed to pick up a few...the water was clear, you just had to be patient and wait for the wave to clear to see. We ended up doing okay..
Hubby's finds
My finds
Hubby found a small golden olive!! That is a fairly rare find!!
...and he found a PINK juvenile fighting conch!

 Of course, I can always find some pretty scallops!!
As we were getting ready to leave, we were passing a group of fishermen, we heard one of the reels begin to spin....turned around and saw this young guy had quite a fish at the end of his line!
We stood there for several minutes watching, and he drew quite a crowd before it was over! After 10-15 minutes we began to see the result of his fight.

A ~5 foot shark...someone mentioned a lemon shark, I know it was really beautiful!
Here are a couple of videos I took of him catching it, then releasing it!

During this time, I turned around and managed to catch my AWWWW of the day with some beautiful color behind the palms of Gulfside City Park.
Today is our last day, :(  ...not sure of our plans, but maybe one more shelling journey to share?!




  1. The shark was very cool!! I am shocked that of all people are not finding shells.

    1. Yeah Kim, I am too! Nothing worked...couldn't even find a good place to dig! I'm NOT going out there and do what Donnie Benton does, especially after seeing that shark!!!

  2. Love the shark and I'm so happy he released him.

    1. Me too Amy....just verifies what Jimmy and I have water over knee deep!!

  3. do you go about getting a hook out of a shark's mouth?!

    1. They just cut the line...I was wondering the same thing myself!!