Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoying Getting things Done...

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu

 We slept in today and decided to work around the condo. We need to paint the stucco wall since our new windows were installed. The only real 'before' pic I have is this one of Hubby taken in February.  See the white metal wall behind him? That's where we started, with lanai windows and a metal wall.
BTW...I just love this pic!!
They removed those windows and built in a stucco wall, it has had long enough to cure, so we painted it today, boy what a difference!!!

It went pretty quickly, Hubby rolled most of it and I painted around the trim on the windows, door and along the bottom!! We are really pleased with it!! Tomorrow we are going to work on the inside of that wall.

After dinner, I decided to head out to Bunche Beach, about a 5-10 minute ride from home, I noticed that it was windy again so I thought Bunche might be protected enough from the wind since it is directly across from Sanibel.

Bunche always has so many live Kings's always so amazing to me to see them everywhere!

Aren't they beautiful?
I obviously stumbled onto a convention of nassas I have never seen so many in one place, and they were coming from all around!! Keep in mind, these guys are only about 1/2 an inch long.

The sandpipers, ducks, egrets and plovers were hanging around all over, it was just amazing to see all of this, and so relaxing! Look at all the footprints in the sand...

Before I knew it, the sun began to set and I found myself just trying to take in everything around me as quickly as possible.
How awesome is very own guardian angel was there with me on the beach!!
Of course I had to catch the amazing sunset, over and over again...

This is the causeway bridge that takes you to Sanibel.
Of course I had to snap some pics of more of the Kings Crowns in the sunset

I picked up a few things, it was too dark to get good pics tonight so I will post our findings so far from these adventures in tomorrow's post. We haven't found a lot of shells thus far...but I just love these beaches, every day is an adventure!




  1. The new walls look great, and I love the photo of the bird tracks!

  2. Thanks Jess! We finished the inside before noon!! We have become flying Jack @$$ as someone so fondly says!! Love it!!