Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Another day of Accomplishment in Paradise!

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hubby and I came down this time with ideas on what we wanted to accomplish this trip. I am proud to say that we completed most of it today, by noon and it's only Tuesday! We finished the wall around our new windows....we were a little concerned because we had to go get more paint, but luckily had the can the original was made from and Lowe's was able to match it...perfectly! How awesome is that? We figured out if we could peel back the carpet, doing the trim paint would be so much easier. We were very pleased with the final result, now the window walls are finally complete.

 We also patched and painted several holes in the walls where the previous owners had hung pics or curtains, we took our time and in no time it was done, and we had fun doing it!!

I looked out of the window today and saw this Cormorant on the other side of the pond with this fish, you could see him trying to figure out how he was going to eat his catch. With patience and persistence he got it done! Check this out!


 Have you ever??

As promised, here are the few shells we have gotten in the last few days, the shelling is slow, but that's okay, just walking the beaches is enough for me. I did find some empty kings crowns!

Keyhole limpets

I went back to Bunche Beach this evening after dinner and didn't have much luck shelling, but I love the birds down here, and they did not disappoint.
 I believe this guy is a Tricolored Heron, I don't think I have ever seen one of these before!
 Here is a Reddish Egret, this guy followed along behind me or ahead of me the entire evening. I named him Simon...
The beaches were pretty barren, but there were many micro-mini shells in several places, at first glance they looked like small piles of rice or coarse sand.

When you look a little closer, you can see so many micro-minis.  I picked up many tiny shells, will need to look several of them up! I like it when that happens. Pics in tomorrow's post.

Of course I have to end this post with more beautiful SW Florida sunsets!
There's Simon leading me back!

A beautiful end to another perfect day in paradise!

I started the day today reading my favorite blogs, one of which is The Shell King, he posted about patience today and I found it very inspiring....go on over there and read it for yourself! I thought it was awesome and thought about it all day! I hope it inspires you too!




  1. Your place is really looking great. Working on our vacations homes is never really work, is it?

  2. No Kim it's not! I was thinking about that today, I need to paint our porch at home and have put it off for a long's just not the same!