Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Came Early to our house!!

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.  ~Gilda Radner

We have a new family member at our house...her name is Lily!! She is the most precious Chihuahua and such a joy!!
She's smiling at you!!
She weighs less than a lb, not exactly sure how much!! She is fitting right in around our house!! She is already Crate trained at 12 weeks old, and nearly paper trained!! We got her Saturday afternoon, and got her a crate and 3 chew toys yesterday!!
Here she is on the way home, paws crossed!!
Here she is with her Daddy...see how she is almost smaller than his hands?!!

New Toys!!

See her Smile??
As soon as I put her blanket in her new crate, she moved in!!

...And made herself right at home!!

The end of this video is great....round and around and around...she does it all the time!!
More later!!




  1. I'm so glad to be a "sissy" again! She's so precious and so fully of kisses!

    Good thinking getting a puppy kong. They're great for filling with peanut butter or cheese or whatever you want her to have! Hero loves his!

  2. Oh what a cutie. You're so fortunate that she took to the basic skills so quickly. My cousin has a play pen on the floor for her Chi. They like to be covered. My hubby wants another maltese. We lost ours a few years back & I am gearing up to take the plunge into the doggie pool again.

  3. What a little cutie - congrats on your new addition!

  4. Kaybe--Dive in, you probably have forgotten how much fun (and work) it is!! Remember, they love you no matter what....warts and all!! Do it!!

  5. OMG she is soooo tiny and adorable! I adore puppies...and dogs!