Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary to US!!!

Today I will Marry My Best Friend 
~ From our Wedding Invitations 
November 8, 2011

Fourteen years ago we came to this wonderful Island for the first time on our Honeymoon!!  This year we had 4 trips!!  It's getting more and more frequent and I'm so glad!! Maybe one day we just won't leave!! :)  We were walking buddies at work, we walked everyday for health (and sanity) and we talked.....finally one day we realized it was more than just walking buddies, we knew everything about each other! No games it was right there in front of us with no false faces (we usually say 'warts and all'!)  I am pleased to say he is still my best friend, and this has been the best 14 years of my life!!

Ok, Ok enough of the mushy stuff!

We got up early yesterday and were out on the beach as the sun came up, we found a small tidal pool toward the east, just the other side of Gulf City Park, and went right to that.  Again hundreds of live fighting conchs and little else, we found a few small goodies, but it is not nearly as plentiful as this time of year usually is!!  So we came back and munched on Apple Fritters and Honey Buns from Jerry's and then went out and sat on the beach!  I have to tell you, I finally have learned to sit and relax on the beach, we joked that we felt like we are in a Corona commercial!!  It's good for the mind and the soul!!

I Love the 'Sparkle' on the water during mid day

Geico Gecko??

Blue Heron

The walkway to the beach

This is our Corona Commercial
Hubby says 'Come on down and sit a spell!'

This was a HUGE seagull, I saw him from a distance and thought it was an Eagle at first...he was very popular with the rest since he caught a snack!!  Did you know that catfish are both fresh and saltwater??! I didn't!!
We were sitting there on the beach, having an adult beverage...doing our own Corona commercial, and this guy spied that we also had cheese and crackers!!
He came closer.......
...and closer.....

...and CLOSER!!   He finally left since we wouldn't share!!

We sat back and watched for the sun to set on another perfect day!!

 Like I said, it was slim pickins at the beach, but we did okay...I have enough at home already...right??  You can never have too many shells!! :}

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is a bright orange fighting conch, it's very unusual!  That's a Horse Conch on the favorite!! (Hubby got this one!! :\

Tulips, Scallops, a cone, and Murex

To continue with pairs, I found a scallop with both sides...see how different they are??
Paper figs

Lightning Whelks, tulips and Apple Murex

Scallops and Butterfly Coquinas

During the middle of the day Hubby fixed me Chicken Alfredo, and himself some shepherd's pie for lunch!! (Actually he rewarmed our Hungry Heron meal).  For dinner we had fried bologna sandwiches!! That seems to be a Sanibel staple for us (as Jess put it).  It's funny, we only eat them here or when we are camping!!   Hope you enjoyed your day here with us....not a lot of excitement...just slow and steady.....hopefully the week will go by that way for us!!

Anniversary report tomorrow!!




  1. Happy Anniversary, and what a sweet story you two have! Have fun and enjoy this wonderful time together!

  2. Happy anniversary! You're spending it in the perfect place too. The golden color of that sunset is to die for. Gorgeous!