Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!

“It’s not the age, it’s the mileage.” ~ Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Today is my Dad's Birthday!! He has had, and continues to have an amazing story to tell! He is a veteran of 3 wars, fought in 2 of them, Korea and Vietnam as a fighter pilot!! He flew 100 missions in each campaign. He has been all over the far east during his nearly 30 years of Air Force assignment and reluctantly retired in 1972 and replaced his planes with a bass boat!

He is an amazing person, and he is my hero!! The most generous and selfless man I know and I am so proud to call him Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!! I Love You!!

Magazine article sent by a friend of My Dad during the Korean war
This is the picture he made for me is above my desk at work....The 100th Mission in Vietnam, picture taken in front of his plane! (Notice the name!) Bottom picture is me then next to a F105!
Daddy (L) with his brothers, Jake, Steve and Rudy

Same brothers...Jake, Rudy and Daddy!!

Big Bass?!

Jess and her Grandpa, "PahPah"
My Dad and Mom 57 years of Wedded Bliss!
My Dad, Mom, Uncle Jake and Aunt Carolyn at our Annual camping trip....a LONG time ago!!

Me and Daddy at a local air show
I love this picture, Daddy at Jess' wedding reception!

Dancing with his grandaughter!
My Dad, Jess, My Mom at Jess' VT Graduation

Jess' White Coat Ceremony (Induction into Vet School)
4 Generations!! My Dad, Me, Daddy's Grandmother, Daddy's Dad, and Youngest Brother Rudy



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  1. I bet your dad does have some amazing stories to tell! He has been to so many places, and seen and done so much!

    Great pics Cheri, and Happy Birthday to your dad!