Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Excitement at Sanibel!!

"Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way."  ~Douglas Pagels

We had another relaxing day yesterday, as I had hoped, we went to Gramma Dot's for our Anniversary meal about 2:00, My Dad and Mom had given us some cash in a very appropriate Anniversary Card, so once again, they treated us to some amazing island food! Thanks AGAIN Mom and Dad!! :)  I had the fried Grouper and Hubby had the popcorn shrimp caesar salad! Yummmo!! It was very nice, a little busy when we got there, but quickly died down.  Of course we had to share a piece of the best Key Lime Pie to finish it off!!  We came back to the condo and did another version of the Corona commercial, waiting for another beautiful sunset to the end of another perfect day!!

I walked around in "The Grove" which is a little picnic area next to the pond at the back of the condos and snapped some more pictures...they have beautiful plants, gardens and lots of butterflies!!
I took this picture the first day we got here...was so pleased to see an egret first thing....I realized later that it's plastic!! We've had a lot of fun with it since!! :)

Royal Poinciana tree near the can see the pond is still overflowing from all the rain last week!

Double Hibiscus
This is Larry, he is doing is own version of the Corona commercial...he relaxes on one foot, no chair needed!!

Just before the sun began to set, Hubby and I had noticed that there were a lot of birds, more than usual diving in to the Gulf.  Obviously there were several fish out there and it was feeding time!  Hubby went up to the condo to refresh his drink and I walked down to the water with my camera to see if I could see what they were.  I could see motion, looked like possibly minnows, maybe something a little larger...I went to about ankle deep and tried to look deeper into the water to see....about 15 feet in front of me all of a sudden a fin came out to the water.....just like in the movies, it pierced the water, with a wake behind it!! I quickly stepped back out of the water (with my mouth open I'm sure)!  Suddenly I realized I was standing there with a camera in my hands so I managed a couple of pictures and this short 15 second video....look closely you can see his tail behind his fin....he is not a small one!!

  We have seen small sharks on Sanibel that people have caught fishing, and I believe I saw a small one in the water years ago, but I have never seen this!! Hubby and I decided a couple of years ago that we wouldn't go in any deeper than our knees...and NEVER if the water isn't clear enough to see our feet.  We might take a dunk, but still only knee to thigh deep....we might rethink that now!! 

So now, we decided to relax and watch the sunset....mind you, I kept an eye on the water too!! :)

 The shelling was not very good, not even enough to clean so we will combine tomorrow's catch and take pics....tides are getting lower, and getting closer to sun-up so hopefully we will have some good shell pics to show you in the next couple of days!!  Full moon is Thursday!!


More Tomorrow!!



  1. OMG on that shark. I saw a small one, once, maybe about 2 ft. long. Never anything like that tho. Very cool that you got a picture and a video. You think fast girl!

    LOVED the sunset photos, but especially the sunset video. I'm having a mind boggleing week and I just sat and enjoyed that sunset for one whole minute of much needed relaxation. I seriously almost cried watching it. Thank you. I really needed to see something like that today.

  2. I had a lemon parfait thing at lunch today from Yoplait. It was so sad, and it made me yearn for a Gramma Dot's key lime pie! So if you go back this week, have a piece for me!

    I love you both!

  3. The full moon is tonite & tomorrow so things should pick up. Glad you're having a relaxing time(except for that shark-thing)

  4. What a glorious sunset! The sky is a beautiful shade of orange, and I really enjoyed watching the video. Thank You!

    Be careful when you get back in the water to shell, now that you've seen a shark that close. YIKES! I'd be keeping my eyes peeled for sure!

    Thanks for sharing Cheri!