Friday, March 31, 2017

Tellin about Sanibel

Today was a lot different, it was overcast and it sprinkled on us a couple of times, but to me it's still beautiful, and they really need some rain here! As soon as I walked out on the beach I found this False Angel Wing!! A rare find for me on Sanibel Beaches!
Then I began to find Tellins! I really like these, and very seldom find them. Today was a little different, I'm tellin you! ;)
These were found by both Cheri and I...
I also ran across some HUGE jingles...have you ever seen them so big?
The Gulf was pretty rough today, Cheri said there was even a riptide warning out, there was a lot of seafoam too...

I hoping it's going to 'stir thing up' out in the Gulf and bring in some shells...I only have one or two more shelling trips to go! 

I didn't go yesterday, but did join some of my Shellcrafter ladies sorting long as shells are involved I'm happy! Have you ever seen such amazing smiles? So fun!

The shelling has not been very good, and I try to leave no <shell> unturned! I found some buried in the sand, and it was worth a look between waves...

I found a couple of Banded tulips and a Keyhole Limpet,
 there were a few other bits and pieces...

Nothing super special, but I did keep this pretty colored Fighting Conch with a sharp point and another Apple Murex....I've got to find a craft project that uses the murex! I have way too many! ;) Once again, I can't just leave them...though I am getting better about it!!
Several times this morning I saw huge Squadron's of these pelicans, I love to see them flying together, sorry for the out of focus pic, but it's hard to catch them overhead!!

It looked like I was about to really get wet, so I headed back in, 
and ran across this Alphabet cone!  .....  
 ...or NOT!!
I couldn't resist this colorful, tiny, spiny Jewel box just before I headed in...
and surprisingly the only live thing I saw today was this tiny little guy, a baby apple murex..who was way up on the beach attached to this white ark shell, so I put the whole thing back into the Gulf...
I stopped and pick up a couple of bags of white arks and venus shells for a craft project and saw this guy in the pile....for just a second, I thought it was a small Lion's paw! Alas, it is not, just a beautifully colored Kittens paw.
Although it was cloudy, the water was still a Beautiful Turquoise when I went back over the causeway...!

Stay tuned, hopefully tomorrow's trip will have some special treasures...tides aren't great in the mornings now, but we always manage to have fun anyway.

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I looove tellins....and large jingles....and tulips....and....well, you know that list just keeps going! lol

    Fun, fun, fun!

    1. I know Dana, I love them all is always so fun, shells or not!

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  3. Hello, my husband and I have always wanted to visit Sanibel and will for the first time April 10-14. Do you have a recommendation for us as to time of day or specific sites we should visit?