Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lots of Minis on a Long Walk

Yes, I'm still here! I have been very busy doing shell stuff, but not shelling! Shell Club meeting on Sunday, and Shellcrafters on I in Heaven or what?!  Early this morning Team Cheri got back together and headed out for another adventure. The shelling was pretty sparse, but there is always so much cool stuff to see and the weather is fabulous! 

The first big question we had was what in the world is this? Neither of us have ever seen it before, and we found quite a few of them on the beach.  They are jelly-like, obviously eggs of some sort, they sink when put in the water.  I pulled out the books and searched, and the internet.  Cheri and I thought that they may be Octopus eggs when we first saw them. According to what I could find, they could be that or squid...though the insides of all the pictures I found showed the squid and octopus developed, these weren't yet...any ideas out there? Would love to find out, and I will report back when I do!

The prize find of the day was Cheri found a Maculated Baby's Ear!
...and another Baby's Ear and Button Shell
We then started finding the mini's....

I found this tiny Banded Tulip...
and this little perfect Wentletrap
Can you believe this is a Lightning Whelk? From this....

To this!!...

I found A Keyhole Limpet...
We each found tiny Shark's eyes
 Lots of mini's!

We found some other neat stuff as well... This Sea Pork with Spots!
and a Live Bubble Shell...

Cheri had to leave about 8:30, and it was such a beautiful day, I decided to walk back to my car at Gulfside...about 3-1/2 miles! Something I have always wanted to try!

I have a craft project I am going to start working on and need some Coquinas, so I will be collecting all I can find!

 I hit the jackpot as far as finding coquinas! There were lots of Coquinas, especially in this one area! Very tedious to pick through them, but so much fun. I also found mini fighting conchs, bubbles, was definitely mini day!
Most of the take home today were these beautiful Coquinas!

I also found this odd colored Fighting Conch...
He was live, but look at this beautiful Purple lining!! (Don't worry, he went back in the Gulf after his photo op!)
I couldn't resist this Spiny Jewel Box....
I did find a cone....a Florida Cone!
I also couldn't resist this Small perfect Pear Whelk...
and this guy!!! This is a Reddish Egret and he was in a tidal pool doing his little chicken dance...he was so funny, I could have watched him forever!!!

I tried to catch a him on video, he moved around so much it was hard to keep up with him!
Stay tuned....more adventures to come!!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Thanks for sharing, Cheri! Can't wait to find out what those egg casings are.

    1. Thanks Dana! Will update in the post later today!!