Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pieces of Spots and MicroMinis!

The shelling lately has been pretty slow, but today we found some Micromini's to go through...some so small, we didn't even try to get them!! We were greeted to the beach first thing by this guy...a Ghost Crab, he came up and just sat there so we could snap his picture....then very quickly scooted on down the beach, in fact he moved so quickly he went between Cheri's feet as she was taking a step! I love these guys!

I found a mini scallop that nearly glowed in the dark....
Then nothing for a long time....but we had a sunrise that never disappoints!

I did find a perfect Banded Tulip...

I had a little heart palpitation as I saw this peeking through the sand....
 But alas....only a piece of an Alphabet Cone!
Cheri and I always say "Look for Spots" hoping it will make us find and Alphabet Cone or a can always hope! Well for the second time today, I saw spots, but only pieces!  There is also a small Jasper cone (bottom) a Rice Olive (or dwarf olive) and a teeny little Lightning Whelk Micro Mini, a Tusk Shell and a Well-Ribbed Dove shell.
We did see a Manatee on the beach!! :)
Then we started finding micro-minis...another Waxy Polygyra on the head of a Penny!

 Dwarf Olives, (Rice Olives)....
And I believe this is a Micro-mini True Tulip and Lightning Whelk...must be newly 'hatched'!
 From the left, 2 Coffee Melampus, and a Green Erato! (Never found one before, and it was recognized by someone who read this!...Not in my books!)
Cheri found a Scotch Bonnet!! Not perfect, but he went home with her anyway!
She found this Live Lightning Whelk also, aren't they beautiful?
Here is the mini's I found today....One day I'll collect enough to try a sailors Valentine!! That's one of my dreams, and I will need many more days like today to have enough! Nice group though, don't you think?
As slow as the shelling is, I'm going to keep checking things out and reporting back to you, so Stay Tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Wow - congratulate Cheri on the scotch bonnet! I would be so excited to find that, even with the hole in it. I found a perfect lion's paw this past June at Blind Pass Sanibel during/after Tropical Storm Colin, and even though it is only about one inch long, it still makes my heart do flip flops every time I gaze at it! :) That was my rarest found so far. (Although I was right there when my son (7 years old at the time) pulled a perfect junonia out of the sand at Blind Pass Captiva.)

    1. WOW! I would LOVE to find a Lion's Paw!! My Dad found a baby a few years ago and I have that. Hubby found a perfect Junonia, I was there too...but still, both have eluded me! I just have to keep on looking!! :)