Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Multitude of Minis and an Update!

First let me post an update to yesterday's post, remember the "egg casings" from yesterday's post? Someone had the information we needed and posted it for us yesterday:

 "thats a Squid egg mass.....Octopus attach each egg separately to a rock or the inside of a shell or to a hard surface and they can't stand as a mass as a result.....since these are all one mass connected at the time they were laid that makes them Squid...Squid anchor their egg masses on rocks or man made objects like crab pot and mooring lines or even in the sand....when they dislodge the white mass, or just a part of it, can strand....

Imagine if you will a mass of these eggs 15 feet across....that would be the size of a Squid egg case found in this one was just a baby....

Neat find....."  

I love my very helpful friends and fellow Shellinators! Another learning adventure!

Today Cheri and I decided we wanted to get some minis and I still need coquinas . As you know, you can't just walk along the beach and have to squat or do the Sanibel Stoop, because some minis can't be seen from 'way up there' standing up! We did find the minis....

 We found mini everything! This is a Sand Dollar on a dime (for size comparison)

A Shark's eye, 2 Sparse Dove Snail, and a tiny Wentletrap are resting on this quarter!!
Left to Right, is a tiny Oyster Drill, and Auger and a Top Shell, with a tiny cone...
A Marginella, a Lightning Whelk and a tiny King's Crown.
 Do you know what this is? It's a mini Gaudy Nautica! Cheri gave me a lot of the minis she found for my craft project, so these are both of our finds...Except for the Wentletraps! They are especially special to us both!
And this is the smallest Wentletrap I have ever seen! ....I lost it twice but finally got it in with the rest.... It was so small I couldn't get a picture of it in focus!
Here is a picture inside my little bottle with some of the Micro Minis...too small to stay in the net!
I ended up with 20 Wentletraps! That is certainly a record for me! Cheri got at least that many!
It has taken me a long time to get this many into this bottle, 20 will help fill it up!! You have to take the time and effort to find these little guys!!
Micro-minis in their bleach bath...notice there are even some tiny Tusk shells near the center.
A Multitude of Minis!

We got a few more Coquinas also!

 Someone asked us what we were looking for, Cheri's response was "She is collecting small shells for a craft project, I'm doing it for Therapy!" 

So is great Therapy...and it's just a bonus that we are looking at this beautiful scenery!

There's nothing better!!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. hmmm...squid eggs...interesting. Nice coquinas - yes, 20 in a day is a nice amount! Only a few times have I found more than that in a day. I've only ever found wentletraps at the lighthouse - is that where you found yours? I've spent time looking on other parts of the island, down low in areas where wentletraps might be found, but haven't found them anywhere else yet. I never get tired of staring lovingly at my little bowl of wentletraps :) :)

    1. Yes Dana, the lighthouse is the only place I have found them! Seems Strange doesn't it?

    2. Oops - obviously I meant "wentletraps" when I typed "coquinas" above :)

  2. Wow - I doubt I could even see half of those shells.

    1. You would be surprised Kim, but you do have to get accustomed and in the zone!! ;)