Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Beautiful Morning

The weather here has been just beautiful, and dependable! Low to mid 80s during the day, and middle 60s overnight! How could that be more perfect? The shelling has not been great lately, but who cares...the walk on the beach is so therapeutic! Cheri and I headed out this morning, and noticed right away that the water is crystal clear, I immediately saw these 2 guys in fairly deep water...An Olive and a Shark's eye ....The olive is normal shaped, this angle makes it look short and stubby, but it isn't!
 Cheri found this Awesome looking Blonde Shark's eye, nice size too!
 This Millipede Sea Star was nearly perfect...
 Notice all the little fingers, or feet on his underside, this is what he uses to move around...Cheri gently put him back in the Gulf.
 I thought this was a neat picture of 2 crows and a Snowy Egret...
I found this pretty little Nutmeg...

 and a 'blonde' Horse Conch that was in really good shape...
 This live Apple Murex had some beautiful colors...
 and had apparently lost his operculum, but he made do with a jingle!! How cool is that!
There were also beautiful colors on this Jewel box pair...
 Look how purple the inside is!! 
I just thought this live Sea Urchin was amazing! He has some sort of 'jelly' on his top, look how LONG those spines are!
 And who could resist this orange Scallop?!
 I tried to get a picture of the crystal clear water...this is the deeper water, notice the turquoise color....looks tropical doesn't it?
 This is shallower, you can't even tell there is water there!! Just amazing!
My time here is growing short, I only have a few more days left. It's very late so this post is fairly short, but I wanted to keep you all up to date....Stay tuned!!

::Shellady Hugs::


  1. I enjoy all your pictures and was particularly intrigued with the apple murex's McGiver fix! Thanks for taking me along on your beach walks!

    1. Thanks for coming RuthAnne! Love the company!! ;)

  2. OH MY!!!! Beautiful shells, and water! Enjoy!

  3. I can't believe how clear that water is!

    1. I know Kim! I love it being so clear, it nearly glows going across the causeway!