Monday, December 8, 2014

We Got an Extra Sunrise!

 We intended on packing up to go home on Friday, go to the Sanibel Luminary Friday night and leave very early Saturday. We had discussed the possibility of staying an extra day to catch the Lowest tide at Sunrise Saturday morning and going to the Captiva Luminary and golf cart parade, this would mean Hubby would have to take an extra day off from work on Monday.  Hubby came up with an idea that would give us the best of everything....stay and shell the low tide, Saturday morning and leave afterwards. Kinda like getting an extra day! We can save the Captiva Luminary and parade for another time!!

I feel like we got a bonus!! It was a BEAUTIFUL morning! 

 Notice the dolphin near the about that for a photo opportunity?! I wasn't sure I timed it right but I got it!!!

This was another day of minis! So many beautiful minis!! See for yourself...if you click these 2 pics you can do some Cybershelling of your own!!

 We shelled for a couple of hours and just thoroughly enjoyed our extra time! We got back home, ate our apple fritters for breakfast while I cleaned up the shells and still were able to get on the road a little after 10:00! Kind of like getting a bonus!! :D  I didn't take the time to lay everything out in order, but did snap some pics of our loot with my phone! LOTS of minis!!

Mini Olives , double jewel boxes, a wentletrap, juvie fighting conchs
Mini paper fig (center), turbans, olvies, lightning whelks 

The beauty of having our own place was these will be waiting for me to finish cleaning up when we get down on our next trip! 

It looked like it was going to be another wonderful day!

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas trip because we sure did! Now back to REAL life! :) We watched the temperature drop as we headed up north....we started out at 73 degrees and it was 41 when we arrived home! Hubby made the whole trip in his shorts.....with a jacket, I changed to long pants in Jacksonville, but kept the flip flops on until I got home!! Now it's back to the fuzzy slippers!! :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks King!! Nothing like you get diving, but I'll take it....Love the minis!! :)

  2. How special to add some unexpected time to your trip! Thanks for the cybershelling!

    1. I know Moira....It really felt like a treat!! I always hesitate to post the cybershelling photos...afraid someone will see something I missed!! :)

  3. The sunrise photo with the bird flying is my favorite - gorgeous!

    Good idea to stay and shell that last morning. We do that when we have to leave the lake and the fishing is good. We'll get up and fish, clean them, eat breakfast and then head home. It's a great alternative.

    How long is your drive home?

  4. Thanks Kim!! I like that one, AND the dolphin....was a great day for pics....for everything!! It's 15 or 15 1/2 or so, We always do it in 2 days, fix sandwiches, eat on the road and stop every 2-3 hours to stretch our legs... Hubby drives the whole time....Lily and I just sleep!!