Thursday, December 4, 2014

Major-Mini Haul!!

I have a confession to make....I overslept yesterday so we didn't go out at sunrise! So I spent yesterday doing some more shopping....This sure doesn't look like December 3rd where I am about you??
This truly is paradise!  I did go to Bunche Beach here in Fort Myers for an hour and had a little bit of luck...
...a couple of Kings Crowns!
These are mostly shells from the day before....with a few scallops we picked up this morning...
Today however, we did get up and got out to Gulfside park just before was so beautiful and very calm!!

...It was mini could walk out and see in the clear calm water...We both had so much fun....and boy did we find the minis!
Hubby said he was in the water just picking up one thing after another and this Alphabet cone rolled up next to him!! It's not perfect, but they have been pretty scarce for us this year!!

It was amazing how much was out there, there were still some sea squirts rolling around, but there were minis the water, on the beach, high tide line...just everywhere! 

See for yourself!

Hubby hit the jackpot with Olives and Mini horse conchs....

I did pretty well with mini shark's eyes and double jewel boxes!

...and tiny lightning whelks and apple murex....the apple murex above are 'average' size that you normally see...
This group was there just like this...the only thing that was live was the mussel....the rest went right into my shell bag!
 So many minis.....look how tiny!
A double jewel box, tiny kittens paw and teenie nutmeg!!

I did find a baby's ear and a paper fig, a few olives and an awesome barnacle bunch....

....and a piece of Christmas Candy!! :)

Even though low tide was well before sunrise, with the calm water we could see very well and stayed until 9:30 or so!! Breakfast at Jerry's was calling for us, so we left....very satisfied!! We can't wait until's different everyday so you never know.....wish us luck, this will be our last day of shelling....:(    This trip!

::Hugs:: relaxing!!


  1. We also found loads of minis,last week.And an awesome barnacle bunch,too.Love your Christmas candy!

  2. You hit the jackpot! And such beautiful sunrise photos. Thanks for my Sanibel fix!

    1. We DID hit the Jackpot Kim, I could have stayed all day in those conditions!! I'm glad I could give you a fix!! Wish I could stay longer and keep doing it!!

  3. Fun finds! Enjoy your time down there.