Friday, December 5, 2014

Final Day in Christmas Paradise....Part 1

I have always heard that every day is different at the beach, and Sanibel continues to verify that for us.  It was very cloudy, and looked pretty threatening when we got there at sunrise this morning.
 Look closely and you will barely see the sunrise....just a little pink on the horizon.

The wind picked up, and it even rained on us a little bit.  We found some minis but nothing like yesterday.  There was a constant chop in the water so it was pretty cloudy.

We did find this guy high and dry, and assisted him back into the gulf....
After a while, we began to get a little chilly and wet.....Not like up North, but chilly for here! :)

As we were heading back, we noticed that as the tide came in and the waves washed up, it was uncovering some pockets of shells.....we had to contend with the waves, but we just let them help wash out the pockets!  It's back breaking after a while, but just another way to hunt for treasures!  I had noticed that people were coming pretty close and picking up things, and that bothers me a little sometimes.  Hubby and I were probably six feet apart from each other....I found half of a beautiful alphabet cone, parts of true tulips, and we were getting sharks eyes, double jewel boxes, murexes....Hubby even found a piece of was a lot of fun....for a while...  

Then this lady came up with a digger spade about 4 or 5 feet away from me....and continued getting closer and closer....she would dig, then scoop and 2 others with her would go through the scoop.....she finally got within a foot or so, and that was too much in my bubble so I moved to her other side.....I wasn't find anything so I moved to the other side of Hubby, and one of the people with her stood right beside me!!  Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I thought that was rude!! I finally just left to avoid saying moment was spoiled by now anyway...

Hubby stayed for a little longer, but she moved in on him also, so he just told her she could have it and how rude she was!  Am I wrong? It's a huge beach, do we have to stand cheek to cheek to shell?? Maybe I'm just too sensitive....

We ended up doing pretty well, and the clouds started to break about the time we headed home, but it did still rain a little on the way.  

Here is today's catch! Not bad at all....

More double jewel boxes, both sides of a small cockle, and some mini Lightning whelks
Coral, olives ,a mussel, and of course the juvenile fighting conchs
Sharks eyes, worm shells, barnacles and a piece of a junonia!!
Hubby got a pretty lace murex to go with his Junonia piece too!!
We are heading back out to Sanibel for Dinner and Luminary night! I hope to have some awesome pics to share with you for Part 2!! Stay tuned!



  1. You aren't being sensitive. They were too close. You have some nice finds !!

  2. No, you're absolutely not being too sensitive. I would have asked them to back off. Next time tell them you have a contagious disease and they had better stay 10 feet away if they don't want to get sick and then start coughing at them. LOL. Idiots. :-)

    1. Thanks Kim! Sounds like a good idea! :D Hubby and I were talking tonight and what I should have done was light up a cigarette....some people get upset if I smoke on the beach, this may have worked!....oh well hindsight is 20-20!!