Saturday, December 6, 2014

Final Day in Christmas Paradise....Part 2 ....or is it?

We headed out yesterday evening to Sanibel for an early dinner and a good parking place for the Luminary festival. As it happened last year, my pics aren't great because it's so difficult to get a clear pic of Christmas lights at night...especially traveling on a trolley going down the road! I picked the best of the rest...So bear with me! 

At Luminary on Sanibel (Rotary club places the bags, Kiwannis lights them, and the Lions Club picks them up at the end of the night) bags with candles are placed straight down Periwinkle, from Bailey's to Pinocchios, and they offer 3 shuttle routes to cover the areas. One route is a loop from Baileys to Tahitian gardens with a stop at Periwinkle place. The second route is a loop from Periwinkle to Jerry's.  The third route is a loop from Jerry's to Pinocchios and back. ..Many shops along these routes offer free food, snacks, a craft show at the schoolhouse, some sort of entertainment at most places, and Santa travels the routes from place to place in a fire truck...and there lots of twinkling lights and decorations. This is our second year!

We started at Bailey's....
Bailey's Plaza 
Santa at Baileys'

Some of Tahitian Gardens lights
Our favorite Trolley and driver.... 
Full Moon over Tahitian Gardens
Closeup of the full moon

Nativity at Jerry's
Church next to Jerry's ....offers a live nativity, choral groups, snacks and a "Walk down a street in Bethlehem"  I HIGHLY recommend this has a little bit of a line but it is worth it!! Awesome!
Inside decorations in one of the trolleys
We decided to walk back to Bailey's from Tahitian and I was able to get some better pics and a couple of videos!
Island Cow
Luminaries leading into Tahitian
Flamingo sleigh outside Greenhouse Cafe
This Robogirl was outside of Island Cow....she was on stilts!

One area of the bike path was completely covered with these twinkling lights...the whole area was awesome!!

It was a beautiful night and it was a great walk....Last year we really enjoyed it because the trolley from Jerry's to Pinocchios was driven by a lively fellow who sang Elvis' Blue Christmas among others, and we sang in the open air all the way down and back! It was a blast...this year was a little disappointing...we were in an enclosed trolley no Christmas music and we couldn't see very well....Oh well! It was fun anyway!!

I would suggest you ride at least one trolley, but walk a lot to take it all in!!....And you may not want to eat first....we were too full from dinner to try anything!!

We had been talking about staying another day since Saturday Morn was the lowest tide of the week (full moon) and it was at 7:00....but that would mean Hubby would have to take another day of leave from work....We decided to stay, just for the morning to catch the low tide and leave after a couple of hours on the beach!!! I have one more shelling post for you!! Stay Tuned!!



  1. LOVE the flamingo sleigh. Looks like the whole experience was lots of fun!


    1. It was...I even felt a little twinge of Christmas spirit!!

  2. Replies
    1. You ought to try it just once Moira!!

  3. This gives Sanibel a whole new look - so pretty and festive.

    1. ....and 75 degrees!! :D I could really get used to that!!