Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Beginning to Look (a little bit) Like Christmas....

Shelling yesterday was not nearly as plentiful.  

The tides aren't very good during the daytime, and the wind picked up yesterday so the water was not very clear. It was beautiful though, so you will not hear any complaints from me!
I did manage to pick this creature up....

It startled me at first and I dropped it back in the water, then realized it was some sort of a shrimp I think!! You can see how big it is against my foot!! He wasn't alive, but was still freaky!

The best low tides are going to be early morning...before daybreak, so we may get up and be there at daybreak to get a chance to get some special treasures.  Today had little to no low tides so we just hung out at home, walked around the neighborhood, and did a little housework.  

We intended to bring some Christmas decorations down when we came, but with all that was going on, I decided to go do a little shopping to find us a small tree.....or something 'Christmasy'.  I found all kinds of beachy trees....
Made from Calico Scallops....

Trees made from a variety of white shells, and even sea urchins....

There was even a beautiful abalone tree!
I didn't feel like I could get one of these because I could make one....hmmmm that's an idea!! :)  I just couldn't decide what to do, it's only for a few days!
I finally found this awesome tiny tree that I couldn't pass up!!

It's made of glass and it couldn't get more beachy!! No sparkling lights, but I loved it anyway!  I also found this wreath I couldn't pass up...

I think I will be adding some shells to it later to customize it a bit!!
Now it is beginning to look (a little bit) like Christmas in one corner of our Florida home! (Notice the AWESOME signs made by Kim and Chablis from Snug Harbor Bay Etsy Shop on the link on the right of Kim's blog)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a very different post about some awesome shelling! We are having a good....relaxing time! Stay tuned!



  1. Love you post, your tree your wreath and the signs! I am looking at a sign she made for me: Let It Snow!!

    1. Thanks Moira,.....I only want snow on Christmas Eve then at least 70 degrees for the rest of the time!! :)!!

  2. I love the decorations that you ended up choosing. Those were my favorites too. Thanks for the sign shout out!! ;-)

    1. Thanks so much for the signs Kim! You have a permanent place in our Florida home!! ;)