Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'm Thankful!

I'm Thankful..... Thankful for so many things.... 

Thankful for our Grandbaby Boy who is to arrive in February and his healthy happy parents...

....and thankful for our Grand kids in New York....

.....thankful for our Lily who greets us with kisses and tail wags galore every time we come home...
I'm also thankful for a Thanksgiving that started with a huge meal on Thursday in Virginia, continued to North Carolina on Friday with more family and food....

and I am especially thankful to have a place to go to that gives us a chance to get away and finish out this thankful time somewhere WARM, peaceful and calm.....and in the 70s and 80s in November and December!

Can you imagine? We are in paradise, and it couldn't be more perfect! Low humidity, warm....not hot and just crystal clear water!  When we got on the beach, it appeared that a storm had passed by and lots of stuff had washed up and it was pretty 'fragrant', but there were tons of urchins and fighting conchs!! I saved so many by throwing them back into the water, but couldn't save them all!!

They were everywhere!! Even in the water!!

The tides aren't real low, but that's okay, they are mid day and it's just beautiful! The shelling is pretty good too!! 
My finds
Hubby's Finds...

I found a double jewel box mini!!

see that Alphabet cone ...Next to two beautiful Horse conchs....(one of my favorites!)

I found some coral and some shark's eyes

.....and a HUGE lace murex! It wasn't perfect but I couldn't resist it was so big!!
So stay tuned this week, I hope to have lots of things to share with you that just makes us more thankful!  For now, sit back, turn up your speakers, think about 75 degrees and will be thankful too!!



  1. We just got back from a week in Sanibel,with the the grand kiddoes.Even tho they live in Orlando(and we live in Tampa),they had a blast shelling.I found a mini double jewel box,too,but baby grand daughter claimed it as hers.LOL!Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thanks so much!! It's so hard to leave, but at least you don't go too far!!

  2. So happy you're back with your toes in the sand. Looking forward to daily updates.

    1. Wish you were here too Kim!! Hopefully I will have lots of stories to tell!! :D

    2. Great post, Cheri! Love all of your finds - that white scallop with the orange is really pretty! Looking forward to more of your adventures!