Monday, January 12, 2015

Shell Therapy

It has been really cold here since the new year, and I have been thinking about playing with my shells.  Secretly, I would like to attempt to make a Sailor's Valentine one day.  One of the groups I am a member of on facebook is called Seashells for fun, and a lady there has been showing her progress of a Sailors Valentine, step by step , SO beautiful, and she of course is a professional and buys her shells so they are all so perfect and uniform.  I want to attempt to make a valentine, or any crafts,  with my finds, which would add another level of difficulty, since the shells I find aren't uniform sizes and colors. I have seen all sorts of shell crafts in the last few weeks, obviously, there are others out there who are also in the cold, and in need of some therapy....Shell Therapy!

Our daughter, Jess, gave me an awesome gift several years ago, it is a glass vase full of messages from her. Periodically I pull out a slip of paper and read the message, this gift has meant more to me than I could tell you. I have read them all now (hint, hint) put them all back in, and are re-reading them again.  Saturday this week I was in need of some inspiration and kind words, and pulled this message....
Thanks Jess!! <3

I decided right then, that it was time to get some Shell Therapy .....I don't have a Sailors Valentine frame yet, and feel like I need some practice making flowers with my own shells, so I would just play!! 

Back in December, I had made some night lights and tiny Christmas trees for gifts this Christmas, and enjoyed that so much, I wanted to try larger Christmas trees!!
Love my Nightlights! No two are the same!! Have 5 of them in our house in Florida!

My first attempt at a Christmas tree, 3-1/2 inches tall 

These are made from those plain ol' white shells you see on the beach....I was so excited! I loved them! So first thing I wanted to try was to make 2 more trees, this one is 3-1/2 inches tall so I wanted a seven inch and an 11 inch, sort of a trio! I wanted to try Scallops for the first one (11 inch), with an auger star on top!

 The 7 inch is made with just plain ol' cross barred venus shells, with a worm shell top!

 Here is the set! I think I like them!!

I had purchased some tiny little terra cotta pots, and attempted some shell flowers to go into them, I still need to add some moss or something to finish these off. (I also have some tiny little buckets to play with! :)

Dosinias with jingles and a melampus center
Jingle shell flower with sharks eye center,
Kittens Paw flower with a white melampus center
Coquina flower with coral center
Juvie fighting conch flower with a button center
crossed barred venus with button center
Showing the tiny flower pots

I had a lot of fun doing this, and want to try more of course..... What do you think??



  1. I think they are all beautiful. You have a real talent there my friend.

    1. Thank You Kim!! I could do this for hours.....days!! :)

  2. WOW! Those are really pretty!!! You have done very nice work!

    1. Thanks Moira! I love to play with my shells!! ;)