Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Early Low Tides Continue

I got up a much smarter and more prepared person this morning. Although the temperature was a little warmer....already 59 degrees at 6:00 am, I listened to myself and dressed appropriately! I asked Hubby if I looked like a bag lady, he said "Shell bag lady".  I'll take that! I almost never wear shoes on the beach, but this morning I wore water shoes, long pants, gathered at the bottom (so I could 'shorten' them to walk in the water) a t-shirt under that cool fishing shirt with vents and a zippered sweat shirt.  Hubby still wore his swim trunks, but wore a hat, shelling glove and shoes.  It was so much more comfortable! Good thing too, because there was no sun to help warm us up this morning.

If you look closely, you can barely see the horizon!

 There was a pretty good breeze blowing off of the Gulf, but we were still much more comfortable than yesterday!  As usual, shelling today was different than yesterday; today most of the shells we found were barely buried, right along the trough at the water's edge, and in small pockets barely under the sand. Every day is different and it just takes a little time to figure out what today's formula is!

I found these interesting.  They were roughly 1/2 mile apart, found one when we first got there and it was still dark, and the other much later well after sunrise. I had all kinds of stories running around in my head that might be an explanation....some romantic, some not so much!!

Didn't find a lot to take pics of today, but did 'stumble' upon our buddies (snowy plovers) from you see them? There are two.....when you are walking along the shell pile, they don't move until you get right next to them, and they startle you, they blend in so well!!
I think we did a little better today!!

I FINALLY FOUND AN ALPHABET CONE!!! For some reason, they have eluded Hubby and I for some time now, we used to frequently find them! I was so excited, maybe the 'tides have turned', ...pardon the pun! :)
Paper fig, lace murexes, jewel boxes, double jewel boxes and an ALPHABET Cone!! WoooHoo!
Hubby also found a lace murex and a nutmeg....

...and a monster size wentletrap!! They are usually much smaller than this!
The pelican squadron offered a 'fly-by' as we were leaving for the day.....stay tuned, tomorrow is another early ultra low tide!! Now back to my home project!! 



  1. Great job on the alphie!!! I like the nutmegs too.

  2. Nice color on those shells! Wish I was there with you!

    1. Thanks Moira! I know it must really be cold up there where you are....I feel a little guilty talking about being cold here! :/