Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Beautiful Day!

The tides are getting a little later and a little higher, and as I said before, every day is different! Today we saw millions of minis washing in the surf, a few other shells along the trough of the 'tidal pool'.  A few while digging in spots. Today was a little bit of everything! That's what makes it so fun!!

It was another beautiful morning.

We ran across a live lightning whelk before the sun came up, and realized that it was the first one we had seen this week.  In fact, we saw very few live shells...I hope it is just a seasonal thing! I carefully buried him back where I found him (after his photo shoot)!

On the way back home, Hubby stopped at the beach under the causeway bridge so I could look for some tellins!  It was a successful trip, I got quite a few both white and rose tellins!

We got a wide variety of shells again today, Many minis!! 
I got at least one winged oyster every day this week!!
Another winged oyster!
Notice how small most of the shells are! I tried to make sure there was a ruler in each pic to show scale.  I love the minis!
Many mini fighting conchs, and tulips

One of my conchs

Double jewel boxes, and tiny cones and buttons
An array of Nutmegs the Hubby found...
....and so did I
Mini Lightning whelks

and an Old fossilized pure white Lace Murex
One more day in paradise, then we get to head north and freeze with the rest of you all!! Today it was 40 degrees warmer here than home!! It sure makes it difficult to leave this remarkable place!! Stay tuned!!



  1. love all of the minis and the tellins!!

    1. Moira, I think minis have become my favorite, could sit for hours and sort through them!! This has been a 'mini' sort of week!

  2. Replies
    1. I know Kim! It's funny how we find a lot of the same things on these trips, it's almost like there is a season for different shells. It was also Bubble 'season' this trip and last. Must have been a billion of them out there, some live, most not.