Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A BEAUTIFUL Day in January

Today was the day I have been dreaming of:

  1. Warm Sunshine
  2. Clear Skies
  3. Low Tides
  4. Good Shells
 My definition of Paradise! As the commercial says, "Priceless" !

It was a perfect day, I wore the "Shell bag lady" garb, and pretty quickly came out of the sweatshirt. I probably would have been fine in the shorts too, but all was perfect.  The low tide was after the sunrise, so we could see very well to find all the treasures. My favorite type of shelling is in the tidal pools, so many wonderful things to see, living creatures, shells and the promise of some sort of surprise and adventure.  The last few trips we have found that the shoreline along Gulfside City park has completely changed.  Even at more than a negative 1 low tide the sand bar does not show itself and as a result, there are no tidal pools. Earlier this year there was a newly formed sandbar right in front of Ocean's Reach, but alas it is also gone. Today we had sort of a tidal pool due to a flat area of the beach.

Right along the ridge there were so many shells partially buried and just lying there in groups. The sand was fairly loose and we would just run our fingers through to gather the shells. Have a look for yourself! (If you click the pics, they will open full screen for your cybershelling enjoyment).
Do you see a double jewelbox, olives, augers, a mini horse conch, a turban and a wentletrap? (I missed it!)
More Olives, juvenile fighting conchs, bubbles, and irregular worm shells!

A sand dollar!

It was so much fun! We had the best day yet! 

I even found an angel wing....not perfect, but I'll take it! Look how big it is!
...and 2 more alphabet cones! Again, not perfect, one actually somewhat deformed! But with our recent dry spell, it gives us some hope for finding them!

We found an array of shells, a wide variety! Such fun!

Check out the size of Hubby's apple murex!
Stay tuned....another negative low tide after sunrise tomorrow!



  1. That angel wing is huge!!! You gotta do something special with that.

    1. I know right?! I'll think of something!

  2. Nice pics, nice shells!!! I agree with Kim - that deserves something special!!

  3. What a haul!! Save some shells for me to find come February!

    1. We had a good day!! There will be plenty for you to get in February, Morgan! Let us know how you do!!