Monday, August 1, 2011

Wish You Were Here!!?!

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.  ~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

 This is an actual photograph taken on Sanibel Island Florida on Sunday!!....this is the exact spot where we intend on spending our time for the next few days!!  Hubby decided that he had not had a REAL vacation yet since he had to work most of the last trip down here, so we packed up our swim suits, bought some steaks on sale, threw them in the cooler (the steaks, not suits) and jumped on the Auto Train and here we are!!  Even the trip down here was an adventure!! The train engine had some issues, and we never really could get up to speed....finally they had to bring in another engine, and away we went....we didn't even get out of Virginia until bedtime!!  

We arrived in Florida about noon on Saturday, by the time we got our car...we left around 1:00, stopped for lunch and got on Sanibel around 5:00....we went immediately to our favorite Restaurant to see one of our favorite waitresses..Lori, and she greeted us both with a big hug!! I think she was really surprised to see us!!  Okay, so now the relaxation officially begins!! We didn't even go out on the beach, we just picked up some groceries, unpacked, took showers and kicked back!!
Sanibel Sunset
I got up early yesterday (6:00) and took a look on the shore, there was nearly nothing out there....lots of small stuff, no 'twirls or whirls' just scallops, jewel boxes, kittens paws...but that's all fine....I just love the walk!

We brought our umbrella this time, since the supplies seem to be getting short at the condo, and setup early....and we went out there around 11:00 and stayed ALL DAY!! It was absolutely wonderful!! There was a cool breeze blowing off of the water that kept it so nice!! 

I went out a couple of times and took a dip, and the water was crystal clear!!  The lowest tide is in the evenings so we decided that since we would grill out, and mosey on down the beach that evening....!  I took several pictures of the Sanibel birds...I could watch them forever!!!

These guys enjoyed the beach too!

This guy even stole a sip or two of someone's coke!!

 We walked on out around 7:00 and begin walking toward the east, (I had gone west in the morning) besides, that's Junonia territory to the hubby since he got one near Sundial Resort a couple of years ago!....we looked up and saw a tidal pool that had formed....we headed over there with only an hour or so of daylight left and saw so many pretties!!! It's funny, you have to be in a hurry because it's getting dark, you want to cover more area, but you want to be thorough!! What a wonderful predicament to be in!!!  We did quite well!! They are all very small....but I need small for this year's project!!

Jess' favorite, pear whelks...and lightning whelks

Sharks Eyes and Olives

My Daddy's Favorite...Shark's eyes

Sanibel turret, Florida Cone, Lace Murex

Hubby found the 'birthplace' of a Horse Conch!!

 How nice is that!! Pretty good for not having good shelling huh!? The shells were 'embedded' in the sand...we will definitely be going back this evening!! What fun it was....and so relaxing!!  That's the theme this time....RELAXATION!! 

I know all of you need some relaxation of your own, so I thought I would share....sit back, turn up the volume, turn off the lights, adjust your desk fan so it blows right in your face and enjoy!!! Come back as often as you like!! Don't forget to rinse the sand off your feet!!


More tomorrow!!




  1. I love those sand bars especially when the low tide is at sunrise. Have a super time.

  2. Hmmmm what is this special project? Can't wait to see! I hope you have a super relaxing time! Enjoy!

  3. I thought I saw something somewhere that you were back on sanibel so I scurried over here and what do you know???? There you are!! Lucky you. And look at the shells already. You are the shelling queen! I seriously need to take lessons from you.