Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daddy will be proud...!!

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.  ~Ovid

He likes resting on one leg!!


Shell Cleaning station
Another beautiful day here in Florida...nothing special to excitement!! That's a great thing!!  We decided to go out early and shell since the morning and evening low were to be exactly the same level, .8.  That isn't particularly low, but it'll do!! The evening low was to be at 10:30 though so we wouldn't be able to do that without a flashlight!!  We went West toward Casa Ybel, but had no real luck, a few teenie things here and there. 

We came back and once again enjoyed the breeze off of the water until around 4:00 then off to Hungry Heron to see our favorite waitress Lori!  We were the only customers, which is good for us, but not for them! People began to come in as we were leaving though, so hopefully they did well.  I had there all you can eat Garlic grilled Shrimp which is always wonderful, and hubby had his traditional Shepherds pie...which he loves and is a tradition for us!! We don't even have to order our beverages, she always greets us with them at the table, makes us feel like we belong here!!  Of course we had to have the beach bread for starters!! 

We came home, and debated about going out since it wouldn't be very low tide, but we decided to head toward Sundial (East) if for no other reason than a nice evening walk....we got to the other side of Algiers park, and I noticed a beautiful little tulip laying there all alone...just as a habit, I dug around it, and felt lots of large shells, I tossed them up on the shore and found 2 or 3 more things...did it again and found some more!!  So I motioned to Hubby and he came back and we did a little digging and did very well!  We didn't stay at it long as our fingers got sore, and it was getting dark, but we did VERY well I think....this are normal size, not so many teenies!!  I walked it off so we could find it again.  We went back this morning but it was high and dry, so will return shortly, we need the help of the water nearby ! Stay tuned!


 More tomorrow!!



PS...yes we know about Emily, we will keep an eye out!! Maybe we'll stay an extra week just to be safe :)



  1. Those little paper figs are so pretty!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  2. Great finds! Most people arent finding anything right now so you have got the eye, girl. And you are on Sanibel!