Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Relaxation lessons day 2

Releasing the pressure, it's good for the teapot and the water.  Try it sometime. 
~Jeb Dickerson

We spent the day again out on the beach in the chairs...under the umbrella....moving every few minutes toward the left in order to stay in the shade....the breeze was 'delicious' as hubby often calls it!! I didn't get up early, decided to sleep in a bit... 

Today's lesson in relaxation is about clouds....they were forming all around us, but we never saw a drop of rain....I always say it rains everywhere, but know that can't REALLY be true since Sanibel is so lush and green, but most of the time when it does rain (at least when we're here) it's during dinnertime or night time...or some other convenient time!!  I love to watch the clouds transform and build against the beautiful blue sky!

Aren't they beautiful?? 

We went shelling last night around 6:00 and headed down to the tidal pool we found the night before...found some more teenies!!

Trying out my new closeup well, don't you think?

Pear Whelk

Teenie Weenie Alphabet Cone

Lace Murex Hubby found

Teenie tulips!
I decided to try out my zoom lens, this is how well it works!!

Without any zoom......
Click on the picture to enlarge it....see the tiny blue circle in the middle?
Could you see him?? How neat is that??
Dinner was at Gramma Dots for the world's best Fried Grouper and homemade chips, and popcorn shrimp Caesar salad!! ....with of course the world's best homemade key lime pie!! You have to try it if you are ever here!!

More tomorrow!!




  1. NICE, nice, nice!!! FAB camera lens - you are going to love it. The clouds look lovely - that first one almost looks like letters spelling something.

  2. Nice horse conch & abc cone. Glad you're getting some nice weather.

    Take good care,


  3. Love love love those mini tulips! Beautiful cloud pics Cheri, and that is some camera lens!