Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stopping and Smelling the Roses.....

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.  ~Etty Hillesum

There is a little garden on the property here where they have a shell cleaning station and a 'patio' of sorts that is named 'The Grove'.  They have made it a wonderful little place with many plants, and mini palm trees, tables, chairs, and grills.  Being a smoker, I go there often, and sometimes remember to take my camera....I have missed so many neat photo opportunities, by leaving the camera back at the condo!  

Today's lesson in relaxation is to stop and smell the roses....or whatever beautiful flowers are around you at the time!!

Very strange looking plant...looks kinda like asparagus with blooms!!

  Out there among all the pretty flowers, with the bees, butterflies and birds...are these guys!!

 We slept in a little again yesterday...(I guess relaxing makes us sleepy!) Waited until around noon to put out the umbrella, we found us a little spot and within an hour we thought we might be in for a thunderstorm, it boomed and rumbled, and we could see the dark clouds getting closer, so we packed up and headed to the condo....I should know better, no rain on least when it's not convenient!! We didn't see a drop, so we went back out and stayed until around 4:00 and came in to go to Sanibel Grill for supper...I had a garlic shrimp salad and hubby had his favorite....fried oysters!! They were both wonderful!!  We came right back and went to our tidal pool at about 6:00.  Unfortunately the pool wasn't out yet, so we did a lot of walking around and got very little....looks like we will have to improvise tonight to find the shells! 

 I hope you all are able to relax a little reading works for us!! :)



  1. Hi Cheri - thanks for sharing - love the flowers and lizard pics! We've got lizards around all the time - our cat loves to chase them - she hasn't figured out that they aren't the latest-greatest cat toy.

    The tiny seashells are so sweet!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. The Lantana and other flowers are beautiful! That must be a sweet spot to relax in.

    You always find the best mini's!

    Hope the good shelling continues!

  3. Ocean's Reach is our home away from home, also. Love that place! I haven't been able to log on to BOSC for several days - had to ask for new password. Thank you for the trip report. We were there in July, but we didn't do a report this year. Too lazy, I guess. . . As for now many comments, I think that is true of everything of this forum. Not near as much talk as there used to be.

  4. Correction - 'NOT' many comments I couldn't find the edit button.