Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gone Fishin'!

"A reel expert can tackle anything" ~Author Unknown

I went fishing with my Dad yesterday, it had been a while since we had gone, as you all know I was in Sanibel last week :(  The weather was great as it has finally cooled off here the last couple of days...we got up early and were down there in NC by 8:30. I took a few pictures of the creek (pronounced 'crick' in NC), I love this place....even with all the new houses added on the shores, the cypress trees and cypress knees somehow bring me back home! I grew up going to this place and will never grow tired of fact my Dad, who is now 80 something grew up down here, and I have carried on that tradition to my daughter....hopefully her children will have that same pleasure!

As I mentioned before, I love looking at the cypress knees, most of the Bass we catch are somewhere near the cypress knees. We always have said that the fish are at the 'knees and trees'.  I always see people in those knees!

When we first started fishing, we had some squirrels above us that was tossing the cypress tree balls at us, scared us at first, but I think they were having fun!
See the cypress tree balls on the limb to the left?
If you are a bass fisherman, you know that you have to fish between the water and the shore!! :) My dad got hung in a tree, and we looked up and saw this!!

It was about the size of a large man's head!! I was ready to cut the line to his bait, because we were going to have to drift the boat just underneath it to get to the bait! We kept working shaking the line from different angles and it finally came out...I was not looking forward to dealing with that!  It was really neat looking, I don't believe I have ever seen one this close in person!! But I didn't want to have to jump in the water to get away from it's inhabitants! (sorry the pics aren't in good focus!)

The water here is a creek of the Albemarle Sound as the water is considered 'brackish' (mostly fresh water, but has some salt water in it) So we catch bass, bream (pronounced brim), catfish etc here. Once in a while toward the sound end of the creek we will catch an occasional flounder or croaker.  This time the water was so salty we saw lots of crabs!! In fact, I lost several of my rubber worms to crabs that would attach to it and cut the end off!!  I considered crabbing, they are almost as good to eat as the fish!!

The fishing wasn't too bad, I caught 2 bass that we could take home, a 2-1/2 lb and one at the limit of 14"! My Dad caught 15 bream, so we have plenty for a good old fashioned fish fry today!! We will have the standards of a NC fish fry, bream (the little ones we call "crispies"-fried till all the bones, except the backbone, are crispy enough to eat) fried bass fillets, corn sticks (cornbread), boiled 'taters, and coleslaw!! That kind of cooking is hard to beat!!

I'm off to clean some fish!!




  1. Yum! I'm salivating at the thought of it. Sounds like a great day fishing, and hanging out with dad. Your pics make me long for the river. I love cypress trees and knees,and have many pics of them myself. As soon as it cool off, I'm river bound!

  2. Oh, how I long to be on that boat! It sounds like it was a good trip!

    ~Jess (the daughter mentioned in the post)

  3. Fish fry at cheri's!! Sounds like a winner. Love the cypress trees. They are so pretty looking. I bet a driftwood piece of those knees would be cool.

  4. Love those swampy pics! Live in So Florida so they are around us everywhere!!! A little scary, too!

    Thanks for sharing----
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