Sunday, July 9, 2017

Slow Mosey for Therapy

The storms stayed on top of us here in Ft. Myers until late, but the radar said that it was nice and clear over Sanibel Island.  So I left, in the rain around 6:00 last night, hoping to catch the negative low tide at about 7:30.  It rained so hard on the way, I had to slow down to see....all the while I wondered if this was a mistake! I got to the top of the Causeway bridge and it stopped....and I could see that Sanibel did indeed look clear!

The shelling has been fairly slow, but the beach therapy as always was amazing, so much to see....beautiful clouds, so many different kinds of birds, the Gulf was slowly lapping on the beach, crystal clear water....just ahhhhh!

I found a few treasures when I first got to the beach....
(from left: a broken Flat Scallop, Rough Scallop,small Calico Scallops, a Big Fat Olive, Auger, Olive two Juvenile Fighting Conchs, a small Chestnut Turban, Keyhole Limpet, Coral, Nutmeg, Kittens Paw, Auger, Silver Jingle, Double Kittens Paw and a tiny scallop

Not bad for the first few minutes, would have LOVED for that Flat Scallop to have been complete. I love them, and don't find them very often.

I slowly moseyed down the beach, I can never turn down a pretty Scallop....
...or two

and this tiny Double will be pretty when it's cleaned up, bright pink inside...
...another tiny Dusky Cone... a beautiful Orange one
The water was nice and clear, so you could just slowly walk and look...
Then I began to see the minis... In the first pic, do you see a Nutmeg and a Sharp ribbed drill?
 and there is a nice Wentletrap in this one!! SCORE!!
Here is the same Wentletrap, a Button shell, and the world's smallest Chestnut Turban!!
 ...Some more coral, another Colorful Chestnut Turban, Dusky Cone and juvenile Fighting Conch....
 I also found a Lightning Whelk, a tiny little Nutmeg, 2 Oyster Drills and another tiny Fighting Conch.
On the way back to the car, I couldn't resist this tiny little Orange Scallop

Or this tiny Horse Conch...
 And I love Rose Tellins, I don't find many of these either!!

The beautiful Sunset just added to the wonderful Beach Therapy....
This was the last few minutes after the sun had set, and just before dark....the view from the Causeway...just beautiful!

Will head out tonight after the storms...stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Thank you, long distance beach therapy. Now if I could hear the waves lapping the shore and feel the sand on my feet. But I have a good imagination!

    1. I'll try to get you a good video of the get some sand!! :)