Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lots of Life in the Tidal Pool

I thought I would make another post today so I can hopefully be caught up. I plan on leaving in a bit to head back out for some more beach therapy, waiting for the thunderstorms to finish before I go.  

There was a tidal pool that got me all excited when I got to the beach, unfortunately it had a lot of green moss in it, which made me think that it doesn't get replenished with each tide like you would hope....but there is over 3 feet difference between High and Low tide so maybe....
The water was crystal clear...
There was a lot of live stuff in the pool.... Live sand dollars....
Lots of hermits....

I did find a few olive, a tiny Jasper's cone, and a juvenile Fighting Conch
 ...and a tiny Lightning Whelk and super small Olive.
I'm always glad to find a Shark's eye....
After a while, I crossed over to the beach along the gulf and found this awesome sight....a LIVE Shark's Eye, and it was a biggie!
Took a video of him too...
I've only seen two ever of these guys in the past, and today I found 2! This one was nearly buried....
There was a beautiful Live Pear Whelk, taking a stroll along the Gulf floor...
I also had a close encounter with this cow-nose's difficult to see him since he is the same color of the sand, so I circled him in red and circled one of his eyes in you see him? His tail is the black line at the back...He was only a couple-three feet long including his tail...just a baby, but nice to see!
I did find something else I had to look up in my was super flat and and first I thought I had found a Large flat Scallop, a little closer look, I believe it's called a Flat Tree Oyster...I believe it is found mostly among the mangrove trees in the water....I thought it was cool and have found a small one before, but this one is huge!

 When I got back to the path, I turned around and looked at the sky....surprise! I'm glad I came in when I did!
The drive home was beautiful, I love to watch the storms...although I was hoping not to have to drive through them!

I got home just in time!

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Again learned something new. Thank you!

    1. Awesome Tina!! Thanks for coming along!! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for coming along Ms. MaryAnn!!

  3. Lots of good stuff. I love the tidal pools