Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Favorite Minis and Lots of Life

I got a message that my Shelling Buddy, Cheri was in town and I went to meet up with her on the beach. She too, needed some Beach Therapy, and Sanibel Beaches do not disappoint....

The tide was headed toward low and the sandbars and tidal pools were out, it was a beautiful evening! This awesome live Kings Crown was enjoying a stroll as well!

So was this Reddish Egret...I love these guys, they do a little dance as they are fishing, I couldn't catch it with my camera this time!
Cheri found another live Shark's Eye, so glad to see so many of these out there this trip...
There were a lot of live Olives too.....traveling both on the beach and in the pool...

 Look at the amazing pattern on this guy, his shell and his body!
There were live Lightning Whelks,
Sand Dollars....this guy was huge, but badly cracked, I hope he can fix it!
Live Pear Whelks all over the place!
This guy was using this pen shell as his shelter, but decided to come out swinging when we walked by....
The sky was beginning to look pretty lively too....

It was a great visit, as we walked and talked, ....and of course found some minis!

Just look how tiny....that's a dime in there for size! The white shells on the left are Wentletraps....I love looking for these....!

Yesterday was Shellcrafters day so I didn't make it to the beach, but hopefully the storms will get done early this evening and I'll get there tonight....stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. My kinds day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lots of goodies as usual. How have the temperatures been?

    1. Pretty warm here Kim, but there is always a nice breeze coming off the Gulf!