Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Birthday America!

The Sanibel Shellcrafters have had a float in the July 4th parade on Sanibel Island for the last few years, I remember watching the parade a few years ago, and one of them gave me this flower.....
Needless to say, I was very intrigued, I had heard of the Sanibel Shell Show in March, still have never been, and seen so many beautiful Sailors Valentines and bouquets of shell flowers.  

Fast Forward to last trip... I have been with the Shellcrafters now for several months, helped them get ready for the show twice (and still not been), and this year I was able to help them with the float for the parade. They had decided to go with a wedding theme, and asked me to design the hubcaps for the golf cart on my last trip. This is what I came up with.... They had just gotten a donation of dozens of these beautiful Angel Wings....

 Add a little pearl paint.....
 And some pearls in the center.....
 and Viola, Wedding Hubcaps!!
One of the other ladies, made this beautiful Wedding Cake....
With this amazing Bride and Groom....
It's hard to see, but this Cake is bordered with Kings Crown shells and topped with turned out amazing!

The ladies got the Golf Cart last week and started working on it, I wasn't able to participate until Monday, Check this out!!!

How beautiful is this! I helped put the cake on top and some of the final touches...AND I get to be in the parade as a Sanibel Shellcrafter, yep Handing out shell flowers! (I'm the tallest one (back right)

Hubby and a friend of mine took some pics for me! Everybody in the crowd just loved it!!

How awesome is that!! It was a beautiful day, and we gave out all the flowers we had, and could have easily have given many more out....only to the ladies! I just had a blast, and really feel like I have become a bonafide Sanibel Shellcrafter now! Stay tuned to find out if we win an award.....I bet we do!!

So many folks on the island for the 4th of July holiday, so I didn't even attempt to do any shelling yesterday, but plan on going out this evening, stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


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    1. Thanks Moira!! It really was beautiful...going tomorrow to take it apart! :(

  2. Look at you looking all cute! What fun!

    1. Thanks Kim, it WAS so much FUN!!! I feel like I'm fitting in around here!