Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!!

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year's resolutions, and I've stuck with it ever since.  ~Dave Beard

We finished this year with a very pleasant day on the beach....I would never complain of it being too cool at 63 degrees in January!! It was a very nice way to end the year! We didn't have great luck shelling, but are grateful to be able to be here and grab a little bit of year end beach therapy in the process. We were greeted early by a dolphin, I didn't get the camera soon enough to catch a shot with him right up at the shore.....he was just having an early breakfast!

 This guy was having a leisurely breakfast also!

Don't you just feel warmer with this pretty sunrise??
Our finds for the day!
Hubby's finds
Hubby found a beautiful true tulip and banded tulip
I found a double spiny jewelbox 
...and some miniature horse conchs!
....also some small sand dollars, a tiny sea urchin still intact and an interesting sponge
I'm really surprised this guy made it all the way's so tiny, but so perfect!! I believe it is a dove tiny...only 1/8"!!

I found this Alternate Tellin first thing, I had never found one before! It looks like the coquinas on steroids....and it was perfect.
Look how much bigger it is than the coquina, it's shell is nearly transparent!
I also saw this in the you recognize what it is?

One of my favorites....a Horse Conch, also called a Florida's not perfect like the one I found in early December, but I'll take it!
I also found these small pretties....My mind is already working about what to do with these little guys!
Tiny sea urchin
I hope all of you and your families have a safe and happy New Year's eve, and that 2014 wakes you up tomorrow with new hope for a special 2014!




  1. My favorite is that sponge - great color. You need to meet up with Traci and say hi. If you do get a picture of the 2 of you.

    Happy New Years girlfriend! Enjoy your time down in paradise.

    1. Happy New Years Kim!! Don't have a 'smart phone' and am not sure where Traci is have been keeping my eyes peeled for her!!

  2. LOVE the tiny urchin and the sponge. Hope you get more time to "unlax" today!