Monday, December 2, 2013

Coming home for some Therapy...Beach Therapy that is!

"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” ~ L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

Hubby and I were finally able to slip away from our ever busy lifestyle of late and escape to our paradise in Ft. Myers.  We arrived here yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.  We have never been to Florida in December so it was another first for us, we listened to Christmas music all the way down here!! When we arrived, I was over dressed in my long sleeve shirt, jeans and SHOES and SOCKS!! Hubby changed into shorts in Jacksonville, and was a little chilly, but it was just right when we finally got here!

'Times' have been a little difficult for me the last month or so and I was finding it very difficult to get into the Christmas spirit, and Hubby put the Christmas music on our TV in our sunroom, and I actually began to relax and enjoy.  We arrived and it was just like ahhhh!!! We haven't been able to come down since July so this is also our 'Anniversary trip' normally taken in November!

The tides this week are extremely low so we got up before sunrise and drove the 15 minutes to Sanibel to begin shelling at Gulfside park, we got there just as it was light enough to see! Perfect!! When we arrived there was a car there with the alarm going off, battery was getting very low....we soon decided it must be Pam Rambo's car from Iloveshelling !!! We tried to find her, but she apparently was long gone!! Jimmy saw her later and told her, but her battery was already too low to start, luckily she ran into CShells' (Carol) husband and he hooked up cables and got her going again!! So we had a little meet and great in the parking lot, and I finally got to meet Cshells!! How awesome is that!! But I digress....

We went out at sunup and immediately began to find minis, lots and lots of tiny beauties!  Hubby found an area where the shells were buried and began digging a little and found a beautiful Alphabet Cone, tulips and a few other beauties, I started looking and you could see edges of lightning whelks, tulips, juvenile fighting conchs and all sorts of was remarkable, and so much fun!! What a stress relief!! 

"Sunken Shells"

See the tulip edge just above the was all there and beautiful!!
We only shelled for 2 hours and came back with some great stuff!  Hubby was definitely the winner today with 2 alphabet cones and a perfect (huge) lace murex with all the lace and a pink tip!! What fun!!!

My finds! Not bad for 2 hours work!!
Hubby's finds
Hubby's Alphies and Lace Murex
Both sides of a tiny spiny jewel box!
Lots of 'angel skirts'!! :)
My Daddy's favorites, sharks eyes!
I have so many of these, but the color was amazing so one more wouldn't hurt, right??

Snowy Plover! 

Just an 'artistic moment!' I thought this was awesome!!
The tide came in very quickly and soon covered up our spot so we headed back to the car and stopped at Jerry's for Morning BLTs with hash browns and of course had to pick up some apple fritters and ginger cookies!! :) Sounds like a perfect morning to me!! we were in shorts and tshirts and were perfectly was about 65 degrees and partly cloudy! Perfect!!

More adventure tomorrow!! Now time for some relaxation!!



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  1. Oh Cheri - I'm so happy to hear you finally got back down there. I hope you find some much needed rest and peace.

    And I'm expecting a lot of trip reports and shell pictures. The shark eyes are my favorite and it looks like you got some beauties there. That one looks HUGE! I bet your daddy is grinning down on you.

    Have a great trip!! xo