Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunrise nearer to Christmas!!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale

Another beautiful sunrise, this time it was much clearer so we could see it as soon as it rose! I love mornings on the beach....then again, I love ANYTIME on the beach! It has a way of calming you, no matter what is going on!!

We traveled on down toward Sundial today, and that was the place to be apparently, once again we didn't figure it out until later so we had to work pretty quickly to beat the incoming tides.

The picture doesn't do this urchin justice, he was about the size of my fist and was a very deep red!! Reminded me of Christmas!! Is there such thing as a Christmas urchin?? Well there is now in my book!! :) 

Lots and lots of live fighting Conchs!! 
You can see them all down the beach!

These guys are just hilarious to watch, they can really move around!!

When the tide started spilling in the tidal pool we decided to just stop by the Lighthouse on our way out to see what was there, it was very clear and calm beyond the pier, we only had 30 minutes left on our parking pass so we just 'skimmed' the area and I took some pics!

We are having some work done at the condo today so I haven't finished cleaning the shells, and since this will be a long post anyway I am going to wait until tomorrow's post to add the shell pics!! Don't worry, nothing fabulous, Hubby didn't even get an alphabet cone or a lace murex today!! :)

We worked at some decorating, I am NOT and interior decorator so this will remain a work in progress, you can see here the new tables from my hubby, and there are collages of family pictures given to us for our anniversary from my Mom!

We added the signs made for us by Kim and Chablis ....This will be their home for now, unless we find a better place!! We'll see them whenever we are relaxing and watching TV or gazing into the pond!! Thank you again you two....they are so awesome!!!

Gotta get busy...much to do!! More tomorrow!!



PS....saw this dude at the lighthouse, not sure what he is but he was Awesome looking!! He was bigger than my foot!!


  1. What the heck is that thing??

    Love the signs - thank you for putting up some pictures. Your place looks great.

  2. What thing Kim?? Sea fighting conch??