Friday, December 6, 2013

The last day, but not the last post!

Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.  ~Author Unknown

I realized I didn't share yesterday's shells with you all, so I will post both days here and will probably have another post tomorrow because we are going to experience the luminaries on Sanibel tonight!!

So here are yesterday's treasures remember it was fighting conch day!! :)
Isn't that Crazy??? I couldn't help myself!!
Bad pic, but you see how many there are!!
Ever seen a PINK conch??
Love the pear whelks!!

Hubby and I both found double jewel boxes!!
Hubby found 4 pear whelks
We finished off the day with the best seat in the house....Dinner with a view!!

Today we went back to the tidal pool, Hubby worked in the same area as yesterday for a little while, I worked along the edge of the pool and did a little digging in the pen shells, looking for minis.

Hubby's finds today
My finds
I just did catch the sunrise...a little late!!

We had some surprise finds today too!!
Sand dollars! 
And my favorite...a Horse Conch!! A big one buried in the tidal pool! I couldn't believe it was all there!! I took a picture with my foot so you can see how big he is!!
He still has a little of the orange on the inside!!
He's taking a bath in some bleach right now so I will post pics when he's all cleaned up!! What a great way to finish the shelling trip!! 

Someone had already decorated the Awesome is this?? A Beach tree... Love it!!

We will be heading home tomorrow :( But will have another post showing you all the sights and sounds from luminaries on the island!!




  1. Look at all those shells!! What do you do with all your shells?

    1. When I have time, I love to make stuff....when my Dad was alive we (I) made gifts for all 60 family members!! Loved it, could sit for hours and work on shell crafts!! Better get busy huh?! Too many shells and not enough time!! ;)

  2. What amazing shells! That horse conch will clean up so well, what a find! Thank you so much for sharing your shells, your blog brings sunshine to these 20 degree days in the North!